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10.4.2. General settings

Tabbed page Elements -> section General

[Note] Note

The following setting options are found at each element.

  • Name: Display of the element name. The name cannot be changed here and is displayed grayed out. In order to change element names, switch to the tabbed page Layer, there select the desired element and then click on the icon Edit .

  • Page: Display of the template page. The value cannot be changed here. In order to edit another page, simply switch there in the template.

  • X / Y: Position of the element on the template page

  • Width / Height: Extensions of the element

  • Repeat on overflow:

    During generation, the template is filled with the respective data of the current part. Especially at tables with many lines several pages are possibly generated. With this option you can determine, whether this element shall be repeated on the next page in such a case.

  • Border size / Border color:

    These options are available for all elements, except geometry and table. This setting becomes only visible in the PDF preview.

  • Hyperlink:

    When clicking on the respective element in the PDF datasheet later, the URL or the e-mail program with specified e-mail address (prefix "mailto:"), inserted here, is called up.

    In order for hyperlinks to be recognized as such, the www-address must be prefixed with "http://".

    It is not possible to use different formatting inside a link.

    [Note] Note

    Not only fixed links can be used, furthermore you can use variables within the link in addition.[a]

    For example, with a common "Click here" you can open the exact part with the specific variant on a PARTcommunity portal.

    Example with a number of variables:


    [a] as of V11 SP3

  • Condition: The respective element is only then displayed, if the inserted condition is "true".

    • Example 1:

      $IDNR. = 1013

      The respective element is only displayed, if the number is 1013.

    • Example 2:

      1 = 1

      The expression 1=1 is always true. In this case the element would be always displayed.

[Note] Note

Not until you clicked on Apply, setting changes are overtaken and become visible.

After changes check everything once again and finally click on the button Apply.