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Manual Translate Media Variables

In order to translate Media Variables there are different options:

  • Translation directly on the tabbed page " Documents "

    1. Under Project selection, select the directory level (the project), for what the translations should be applied.

    2. Under Key, select the variable to be translated.

    3. In the dialog area Language, select that language, which you want to assign a translation.

    4. In the dialog area HTML view, insert the desired translation and confirm with OK.

    5. Repeat the procedure for all Media Variables and languages.

    6. Don't forget to save the changes.

  • Translation on the tabbed page " Translation "

    If you had activated the option Translation when creating the Media Variable (see above), the Media Variable is displayed on the tabbed page Translation.

    Perform the translation with the known standard methods here.

    After clicking the Save button the translation is displayed on the tabbed page Documents.

  • Translation via CSV export

    Translation via CSV is not yet available currently.[45]

    1. On desired directory level -> context menu under Translation, click Export CSV for translation.

      -> The dialog box Create CSV for translation is opened.

    2. Beside all other settings, activate the option Media texts obligatorily.

    3. Via context menu command Import CSV for translation, you can import your translations again.

[45] July 2017