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Manual Translate Media Variables

In order to translate Media Variables there are different options:

  • Translation in the Media editor

    Translation in the Media editor would make sense, if Media Variables had been created for a PDF datasheet, because the Media editor is directly called from the PARTtemplateDesigner. For this see under ???.

  • Translation on the tabbed page " Documents "

    1. Under Project selection, select the directory level (the project), for which the translations should be applied.

      -> The chosen selection is displayed under Variables -> Directory (above figure shows the selection of "typ_gl_asmtab.prj").

    2. Optional: In the dialog area Key, you can filter for the Media Variable to be edited. This makes sense if there are many existing keys.

      • Click on the icon Search entry .

      • In the input field, enter the search term.

      • Click on .

        -> The searched variable is marked in blue.

      • On the variable, perform a double-click.

        -> In the central menu area Variables, only the searched variable is displayed now.

    3. Now in the dialog area Language, select that language, which you want to assign a translation.

      (Directly after a variable's new creation only the default language shows a value.)

    4. Click on ....

      -> The dialog box Properties is opened.

    5. On the tabbed page Text view, enter the desired translation and confirm with OK.

      -> The text is taken into the key line.

    6. Repeat the procedure for all Media Variables to be translated.

    7. Finally save all changes in PARTproject.

  • Translation on the tabbed page " Translation "

    If you had activated the option Translation when applying the Media Variable, it will also be displayed on the tabbed page Translation.

    Insert entry -> Translation

    Insert entry -> Translation

    Media Variables have an entry in the column "Variable".

    Tabbed page "Translation"

    Tabbed page "Translation"

    Call the editing dialog on the column of desired language using the context menu command Edit translation.

    Translating in the dialog Translation happens with the standard methods.

    After confirmation with OK and updating under Project selection using "F5", the translation is also displayed on the tabbed page Documents.

    You can change the editing mode between tabbed page Documents and Translation anytime.

    Don't forget to save finally.

    • Translation via CSV export

      Translation via CSV is not available. It is not possible to take HTML tags into the CSV.