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10.7.1. Inherit variable properties

If you used the Media editor for the creation of variables, then these are only available for the set Test project. But normally they should be available for the whole catalog. That means, the variable properties have to be inherited to the other directory levels up to the catalog level.

Hereto proceed as follows:

  1. In PARTtemplateDesigner, in the settings dialog for Template, click on the button Open in PARTproject.

    [Note] Note

    Newly created Media Variables are displayed in PARTproject not until the modul has been opened again.

  2. In PARTproject select the tabbed page Documents.

  3. In the dialog area Derivation hierarchy, select the project (if not already selected), which you had chosen as Test project in the Media editor.

  4. In the dialog area Key select the Media variable to be inherited. In the above exemplary figure this is "Headline_Merkmal", which has been needed for Alternative table header -> Class variable. Compare "Table".

  5. In the dialog area Derivation hierarchy, click on the icon Apply to the parent directory . Inherit the variable property step by step up to the catalog level.

  6. In PARTdataManager, test, whether the variable value is correctly displayed at all projects.

  7. Repeat the procedure for all Media Variables needed on catalog level. Also for "_Columns" for example, which is used for the table structure (compare Section 10.6.2, “Edit table variables”).