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Manual Example 1 - Transmit datasheet PDF template

Initial situation: A datasheet PDF template, which has been created for a test project in PARTtemplateDesigner, shall be transmitted to the catalog root element.

  • The tabbed page Documents is selected.

  • The project which owns the template to be transmitted is selected in the Project selection.

  • When clicking on the icon Choose nothing in all categories it is ensured that all keys are displayed.

  • The key with the template to be transmitted is selected.

If a lot of Media Variables are displayed, you can use filters in order to get a better overview. In this example it is about transmitting a Datasheet PDF template. So on the tabbed page Selection, double-click on PDF.

-> The desired Media Variable is displayed.

In the following the procedure is described in detail:

  1. At the end of line, click on the icon for derivation hierarchy .

    -> The dialog box Properties is opened.

    -> "bolt" is marked in pink, which means that the element has its own value and that this value has no equivalence in the parent element.

    [Note] Note

    In order for the Derivation hierarchy to be correctly displayed, the correct project and Media Variable have to be selected.

  2. Select "bolt" and transmit the template via Apply to the whole catalog to the catalog root element.

    -> Result: Now the catalog root element is pink and all children gray. That means the template is available for all children projects. Details on this can be found Section, “Dialog area "Derivation hierarchy" ”.

  3. Check in PARTdataManager whether the template is available for all projects now.