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Manual Buttons in connection with New 2D drawing

The following is true in general for using the buttons:

  1. Activate button with simple mouse-click. -> The function of the button is then attached to the cursor.

  2. Move the cursor to the desired spot within the sketch. -> Depending on the function of the button, the snap (circle symbol) will become visible.

  3. Carry out the function of the button at the desired spot with a simple mouse-click (for example, "insert line", etc.).

In the New 2D drawing mode, aside from the Sketcher mode, you also have the following toolbars available:[79]

  • Text toolbar

    Text toolbar

  • Polyline toolbar

    Polyline toolbar

  • Ellipses toolbar

    Ellipses toolbar

  • Hatches toolbar

    Hatches toolbar

  • Dimensioning toolbar

    Dimensioning toolbar

The following sections explain the individual buttons of these toolbars.

[79] A description of all other toolbars can be found under Section 7.9.3, “Function buttons ”.