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Manual  New 2D drawing... (base plane)

The command New 2D drawing... opens the same-named dialog box.

Following setting options are available here:

  • Type dialog area:

    • View

    • Description field : The name assigned here shows up in the History.

  • Dialog area Content:

    • Empty option: The Sketcher is opened. A new sketch may be created.

    • Accept current 2D derivation option : The current setting from the opened 2D derivation is transferred into the Sketcher (new 2-D sketch...). A perspective must already be selected in the 2-D view!

    • Select from sketch option: Opens the different sketches which are already created in connection with the current part. In the example (see figure), three sketches have been applied so far.

  • In the Condition dialog area you can make the creation of 2-D sketches dependant on a condition.

    In the figure you can see, for example, that the value of the variables must be larger than 8.

  • Arrow keys: During a PARTdesigner session, you can make entries in the New 2D drawing window. With the arrow keys at the bottom left and right, you "jump" chronologically between these input steps.

After final confirmation with OK the Sketch history and Sketcher are opened.

Depending on which setting you made in the dialog area Content, you will find the Sketcher empty or with current derivation or a sketch.

In this example the 2D derivation "TOP" has been chosen as base for the drawing.

In this example the 2D derivation "TOP" has been chosen as base for the drawing.