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Manual  TestMeta: General for Order number or Typecode

Set the options Test value ranges and Test order number for uniqueness.

In order to avoid warnings/errors in TestMeta (see Section 6.8, “Error Messages: Problem - Solution (PARTproject)”) ...

  • ... the variable with order number / type code has to have a value for each row.

  • ... Variable with order number and/or Variable with type code has to be uniquely set, otherwise an ERROR is displayed.

    Excluded are a) hidden projects and b) projects, which are in hidden folders and are not used as linked project.

  • ... the number has to be findable either via a mapping file graphlookup.map or a ReverseConfig file pnoreverse.cfg or the Lucene index. In the project file, in a key, the respective setting will be automatically performed.[6]

    That means when testing old catalogs where this setting has not been performed yet, an error message will show up.

    So the modeler has to use the Resolve check. The respective setting can automatically be performed. Details on Resolve check can be found under Section, “Reverse search ‒ Resolve check (automatic) ”.

Basic information on TestMeta can be found under Section, “ Test project / Test directory ”.

[6] No GUI equivalent. Has not to be set manually.