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6.4.1. Symbols QA-status

On each directory level, the context menu command Show description of QA steps is available.

Show description of QA steps

Show description of QA steps

-> The dialog box Legend is opened.

Dialog box Legend

Dialog box Legend

The same dialog box can be opened via Versioning system menu -> Legend QA levels.

Not yet released
Released for editing (by customer)
Validated by editor
Automatic test passed
Validated by external QA
Validated by internal QA
Validated by customer

The levels of QA status show the project's progress and signalize who is working on an issue!

The list shows the processes in the relation of Customer - CADENAS. Detailed analyses with History analyzer show exactly which project took how long in which QA level. See also Section 6.9, “ History analyzer ”.


    • Function

      Check-in of data, DXF, TIF, BMP

      Release of data

  • Editor (Modelling) [CADENAS]

    • Function

      Modelling and release of data for QA

  • Automatic quality assurance by PARTqaChecker / TestMeta [CADENAS]

  • Quality assurance [CADENAS]

    • Function

      Check of data by QA leader (external) and release

      Check of data by QA leader (internal) and release


    • Function

      Check by customer and release on CD and Internet

The following table shows, when it is someones turn according to his role and which possibilities there are to change a status.

For example, in level 1 and 7 it is the customer's turn.

Changes from level 4 to 5 are set by an automatic test.

In level 2 to 6, CADENAS is responsible.

QA stepsOverviewMatrix QA level - role

Matrix QA level - role

The column "Responsibility for action" shows the role dependency:

  • Editor = PARTsolutions (Designer)

    -> Setting of QA status 1-4

  • QA group leader = PARTsolutions (group leader)

    -> Setting of QA level 6

  • QA project leader = PARTsolutions (Project leader)

    -> Setting of QA status 7

  • Catalog manufacturer

    -> Setting of QA status 1,2 and 8

  • External worker+Partial Publisher (special case, not part of above matrix)

    [Note] Note

    Role External worker+Partial Publisher: The schema described under Fig. „ Matrix QA level - role“ is principally also valid here, but due to the overlappings between "External worker" and "Customer" some more options are offered here.

    [Note] Note

    In the role External worker+Partial Publisher the right for partial publishing is permanently integrated. However, this right can administratively be given to each role in addition. Concerning partial publishing see Section 6.10.5, “ Generate QA catalog... | Publish Live state... ” -> Special notes.

    Modification options:

    • based on status 1 -> 2,3

    • based on status 2 -> 1,3

    • based on status 3 -> 1,2,4

    • based on status 4 -> 1,2,3

      [Note] Note

      Status 5 can only be reached by data check via PARTqaChecker (TestMeta).

      On this see Section, “ Test project / Test directory ”.

    • based on status 5 -> 1,2,3,6,8

    • based on status 6 -> 1,2,3,7,8

    • based on status 7 -> 1,2,3,8

    • based on status 8 -> 1,2,3

  • Project Coordinator

    The role "Project Coordinator" is only available for a narrow circle of people. It enables special settings and error corrections.

    [Note] Note

    The use of the role "Project Coordinator" can be seen in the history.

[Note] Note

For all roles applies at status changes on directory level: The current status of a directory can be set again under New QA status, since subordinated directories or projects may have another status.