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Manual Create / edit attributes

The creation of attributes is optional. (See checkbox Support for Attributes at the creation of the class.)

Attributes can only be created on the basis of an already existent class.

Structure of the tabbed page Attributes

Tabbed page "Attributes"

Tabbed page "Attributes"

The tabbed page Attributes is subdivided in the following sections:

  • Available in the class system

    Here the following commands are available:

    • New class variable...

    • Modify class variable...

    • Delete class variable

  • Linked to the selected class

    After selection of a class you can create or delete assignments via arrow keys.

    After selection of a class in the class tree the available classes are displayed under Available in the class system. An alternative possibility to the linking is described below.

Create / edit new attribute

In order to create a new attribute, click on New class variable....

In order to edit an existing attribute, click on Modify class variable....

-> The dialog box Add feature or Edit class variable (with the same functions) opens.

Fill out the following fields:

  • Name (chosen default language)

  • Description (chosen default language)

  • Link with class: Optional

    In addition to the linking of classes with attributes via arrow keys (see above), the linking can be performed via activation of the checkbox Link with class.

    If this option is active, then the search button ... is also active.

    Proceed as follows:

    1. Click on the button ....

    2. -> The dialog box Classification opens.

    3. Select the desired class, perform a double-click, so that the class is displayed in the section Selected classes. Finally confirm with OK.

    4. -> The view returns to the dialog box Add feature and the respective class is displayed in the section Link, in the input field.

    5. Confirm with OK.

    6. Result:

      The selected class is linked to the chosen attribute.

  • Also link with child classes: