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Manual  Edit class system

After the dialog box Create new class system respectively Modify class system <name> has been closed, you are in the dialog box Edit class system.

Dialog box: Edit class system

Dialog box: Edit class system

In the following the single functions/fields are described:

  • Class system: Select the class system to edit in the list field.

  • Filter:

    The displayed options depend on the Types of classes which have been applied when the class system has been created in the dialog box Create class system -> tabbed page Limits .

    Make the respective choice:

    • Axes

    • Connection points

    • Plane

    • Surfaces

    • Edges

    • Classes

    • Coordinate system

    • Sketch

Now set up your new class system, or edit an already existing.

The dialog box is subdivided in 3 areas:

  • Main window on the left side

    In the context menu (secondary mouse key) the following commands are available:

    • Add class...

    • Add subclass...

    • Edit class...

    • Remove class

    Make the first step by clicking on Add class....

  • Tabbed page Attributes: Entries are optional

The data are saved under "%CADENAS_DATA%/datasetup/classsystem/<name>".