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Manual Classify part / edit attributes

In PARTproject -> dialog box Edit project -> tabbed page General a part shall be assigned to the self created classification, the attributes be edited and finally the result be displayed in PARTdataManager.

[Note] Note

In order for the classification to be displayed in PARTproject, in the window Edit project, the search index has to be updated and PARTproject has to be restarted. See next section.

In PARTdataManager only those classes are displayed by default, which already contain projects. The behavior is adjustable via configuration file for each classification separately.

$CADENAS_DATA/classystem.cfg -> <classification name> -> key ShowAllNodes (if not available, apply the key yourself) -> value range 0/1 (off/on)

0: All classes are displayed, also empty.

1: Only those classes are displayed, which contain at least one project.