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Manual Edit attributes

[Note] Note

The search button ... in the corresponding Attributes <Name>-field is not active until a classification has been assigned.

Tabbed page General -> Attributes (myclassification)

Tabbed page General -> Attributes (myclassification)

  1. Select the project file of the part, which you want to assign an attribute.

  2. Click on the search button ... in the field Attributes (myclass1).

    -> The dialog box Class variables opens and all available attributes are displayed.

    Dialog box: Class variables Class variables

    Dialog box: Class variables

  3. Select the desired attribute.

    Assign either a variable or a fixed value or a reference to the selected attribute:

    • Variable

      Select the corresponding variable from the list field.

    • Value

      Enter a fixed value.

    • Reference

      Set a reference to another class.

    [Note] Note

    Only one of the three above mentioned options is possible at the same time!

  4. -> The chosen attribute is displayed in the field Attributes (myclassification).