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Manual Assign class

In order to classify a part, meaning to assign to a certain class, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the project file of the part, which you want to classify.

  2. Click on the search button ... in the respective Classification line (My Class System).

    General Classification (My Class System)

    General Classification (My Class System)

  3. -> The dialog box Classification opens.

    Dialog box "Classification"

    Dialog box "Classification"

  4. In the list field Filter select Classes.

    -> Now the classification tree is displayed.

  5. Select the class within your classification, where the selected part shall be assigned.

  6. Assign the class by double-clicking or via button .

  7. Close the window by confirming with OK.

  8. Save the changes.

  9. -> In the line Classification (myclassification) the selected directory is displayed.