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Manual  Index update

In order for the classification to be available in PARTdataManager, the search index has to be updated.

  1. Open PARTadmin.

  2. Select the category Index administration.

  3. In the index tree under Classifications, in the context menu of the newly created classification, call up the command Add to display index. Details on this are found under Section 1.3.8, “ Index administration ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.

  4. In order that the search works in self created class systems, you have to perform Create full-text search index in PARTadmin.

    Search function in the dialog box Classification:

    In the exemplary figure now when entering "Schraube" (bolt) all classes, which contain this term, are displayed. If you select a search result, then in the tree the respective class is also selected.

  5. Close PARTadmin.

  6. Now call up PARTproject, in order to classify parts. In PARTdataManager at least the classification is displayed; depending on configuration settings empty classes in addition.