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3.2.8.  Edit dataset

If you want to edit a dataset, follow these steps:

  1. In the PARTdataManager Part view (table) mark the desired dataset and click on Edit dataset in the toolbar or in the context menu of the table row.

    -> The same-named dialog is opened.

  2. Open the desired fields for editing in the Feature value column by double-clicking.

    [Note] Note

    If you copied table values into the clipboard via Copy dataset (see example under Section 3.2.10, “ Copy dataset ”) before, then you can now paste these via click on (either only table data or only ERP data or both).

    You have three options for the entry:

    • Fixed values

    • List of values

      Insert a list of values separated by comma without empty spaces.

    • Value range

      With value ranges insert first and last value separated by a hyphen. Compare in the above figure with attribute name "L" "25.000-100.000".

    The symbols in the first column signalize whether a fixed value or a list of values or a value range is given.

    [Note] Note

    Value range and enumeration of values can be combined.


    If a value of the Feature type "Text" contains a comma, then put the term into double quotes (").

    [Note] Note

    Which ERP columns are displayed in the window depends on the following factors:

    • Setting in the configuration file classimport.cfg


    • Settings for the user role dialog (PARTadmin -> Category -> ERP environment -> Roles)

    • Local user settings (PARTdataManager -> Extras -> Preferences... -> Register page Table -> Columns to hide)

  3. With Ok all changes are overtaken and the dialog closes. With Cancel the dialog is closed without saving changes.