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3.2.9.  Move datasets

With the Move datasets command you can move datasets of a project into another project.

First define the source datasets and then the target project.

  1. Define source datasets

    1. Open the project where you want to move datasets. -> Now you are in the Part view (table).

    2. Click on Move datasets in the toolbar or in the context menu.

      --> The same-named dialog opens.

      Move datasets: Define source datasets

      Move datasets: Define source datasets

      -> In the Source class dialog Name, Description and Path of source class are already inserted.

    3. Mark (= ) the datasets you want to move via Move datasets -> Select context menu command.

      -> On each marked row shows up.

      Furthermore in the submenu of Move datasets the following context menu commands are available:

      Move current dataset only... Sets especially in the selected row. If other rows are marked as well, is removed there. Furthermore the Move current dataset only... command calls up the Move datasets dialog, if it was not yet open.
      Select Sets in the selected row.
      Unselect Removes in the selected row.
      Select all

      Sets in all visible project rows.

      Before table restrictions can be set.

      Unselect all Removes at all occurrences
      Show selection Only these rows are displayed which are marked with .
      Reset view The filter is cancelled and all project rows are displayed.

      All rows marked with are moved. Furthermore the Move... command calls up the Move datasets dialog, if it was not yet open.

  2. Define target project

    1. Switch to the Part selection.

      [Note] Note

      The Move datasets dialog stays open meanwhile.

    2. Select the target project in the index tree that is to accept these marked (= ) datasets.

      Move datasets: Define target class

      Move datasets: Define target class

    3. Choose the Move datasets -> Set as target context menu command.

      -> Thereby in the dialog window under Target class the Name, Description and Path is inserted.

    4. Feature mapping (optional)

      [Note] Note

      All columns that shield themselves in target and source projects are transferred. If column names differ use the Feature mapping.

      [Note] Note

      In addition to it make sure that the target project contains all variables of the source project. Check and adjust it in the Edit class dialog.

      In the dialog area the table attributes of the project chosen in the index tree are loaded.

      In order to change the variables (attribute names) of the target project click into the desired field under Feature name of target project and open the list field with the arrow key.

    5. When all settings are done confirm the moving with Ok.

      With Cancel the dialog is closed without saving changes.