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3.2.7.  Delete datasets

If you want to delete datasets, follow these steps:

  1. Call up Part view (table).

  2. Click on Delete datasets in the toolbar or in the context menu.

    -> The same-named dialog opens.

    Delete datasets

    Delete datasets

    [Note] Note

    In the following datasets to delete are specified via context menu commands. The dialog window stays open during the procedure. Finally the deleting is confirmed with Ok.

  3. Mark (= ) all datasets to delete.

    Mark the datasets to delete via Delete datasets -> Select context menu command.

    -> On each marked row displays.

    In the submenu of Delete datasets the following context menu commands are available:

    Delete current dataset only... Sets especially in the selected row. If other rows are marked as well is removed there. Furthermore the Delete current dataset only... command calls up the Delete datasets dialog window, if it is not open yet.
    Select Sets in the selected row.
    Unselect Removes in the selected row.
    Select all

    Sets in all visible project rows.

    Before table restrictions can be set.

    Unselect all Removes at all occurrences.
    Show selection Only these rows are displayed which are marked with .
    Reset view The filter is cancelled and all project rows are displayed.

    All marked ( ) rows are deleted. Furthermore the Delete... command calls up the Delete datasets dialog window, if it was not open yet.

  4. Confirm deleting with Ok.

    Delete datasets

    Delete datasets

    -> All marked () rows are deleted.

[Note] Note

With the Delete datasets command all data referenced by the the rows to delete are removed from the pool directory.