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Manual "Make or Buy" Analysis

In the following you can find a description on how to create a Make or Buy analysis.

  1. Call the context menu command Analysis -> Create analysis... on any directory.

    -> The respective dialog box is opened.

    Dialog box "Create analysis"

    Dialog box "Create analysis"

  2. On the left, activate the desired method (here exemplified Make or Buy).

    -> On the right, now the setting options are shown.

    [Note] Note

    Only activate ONE method per search run.

  3. Perform the desired settings.

    In this example we want to search for possible supplier parts in the Standard catalog.

    Detailed notes on the setting options can be found under Section, “Setting options for "Make or Buy", "Cost mockup" and "Suppliers" ”.

  4. Confirm with OK.

    -> The analysis is started. In the dialog box Running report generations on server you will get informed about the progress.

  5. Once the analysis is finished, the result is automatically displayed on the tabbed page Analysis. The tab label is analogously to the stated name in the settings dialog (here "Analysis 125").

    All search parts of the set directory are listed. When clicking on a plus sign , below the respective search part, the found comparison parts are displayed. The percental values at the found comparison parts show the geometrical similarity.

    [Note] Note

    The percental values at the search parts show the value of the best search result, so that you don't have to open the list and can see the result quality at a glance.

    Under Structure you can filter the results on the right.

  6. For a detailed analysis you can optionally load search and comparison part into the Part comparison as usual.

    Part comparison -> Load as first part

    Part comparison -> Load as first part

    Part comparison -> Topology and 3D comparison

    Part comparison -> Topology and 3D comparison

    Also see Section, “ Part comparison and different functions”.

    Details on the Part comparison can be found under Section, “ Part comparison ”.