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Manual  Part comparison and different functions

After mouseover on a row further functions are available optionally:

Opened toolbar over a row

Opened toolbar over a row

Function of the single buttons:


With click on the icon the part is opened in the Part view of PARTdataManager

Load as first part  
Load as second part  
Add to part compare You can load parts into the part comparison, into the 3D or 2D view via icon / .
Export to CAD: This icon is only displayed at single parts (characteristics), not at part families. With click on the icon the respective part is transferred to the CAD system.
Compare to search-part

The chosen part is loaded as second part in a direct comparison to the search part.

(Display at parts)

Compare with all search results:

When clicking on the icon all parts are loaded into the part comparison.

(Display at part families)

This part is loaded in part compare As soon as a part is loaded into the part comparison the icon is displayed

The same functions are also available in the context menu.

When clicking on the button Compare with all search results, search part all result parts below are loaded into the comparison (max.10).

Parts in part comparison

Parts in part comparison

Detailed information on the Part comparison can be found underSection, “ Part comparison ”.