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Manual Setting options for "Make or Buy", "Cost mockup" and "Suppliers"

The setting options for the analyses "Make or Buy", "Cost mockup" and "Suppliers" are widely identical so that they are explained together.

On the left side, activate the desired method. Then on the right the respective setting options are displayed.

[Note] Note

Only activate ONE method per search run.

Dialog box "Create analysis": "Make-or-Buy" exemplarily activated

Dialog box "Create analysis": "Make-or-Buy" exemplarily activated

General options
  • Analysis name: The name is displayed as tab label on the respective result page.

  • Maximum number of search result: Herewith you can restrict the number of displayed results. This does not affect the search itself.

    You can see the search results when opening a result either by clicking on the plus sign or via icon Expand all .

  • Variable filter: Not used for Make or Buy, Cost mockup and Suppliers Analysis, only relevant for Duplicate Analysis

  • Search all source lines which have fingerprints:

    If this option is deactivated, the first project line with available fingerprint is taken.

    [Note] Note

    For Cost Mockup Reports it makes sense to activate this option, because price information basically concerns lines and not projects.

    Please regard: The activation raises the calculation time significantly.

  • Show only the best matching result per project:

    [Note] Note

    For Cost Mockup Reports it makes sense to deactivate this option, because you want to evaluate all lines.

    [Note] Note

    For the report creation preview images are automatically created.

    The creation it relatively time consuming at native catalogs. Please keep this in mind when you deactivate the option, because in that case a preview image has to be created for every line.

  • Filter for results:

    Via Filter for results settings you can restrict results. Available filters are Variables search and Topology search. It is possible to use the functions repeatedly by clicking on Add search function.

    [Note] Note

    The filter affects result parts, not search parts.

    The functionality is according to the standard search functions:

Geometric Search
  • Search template:

    • Standard search: Medium quality and speed

    • Broad search: Less speed

    • Search for profiles: Especially suitable for searching profiles, e.g. U-profiles, L-profiles, etc.

    • Duplicate search: Not relevant here.

  • Size-dependent:

    [Note] Note

    Only activate the option if you are sure that fingerprints are available for all result lines. Normally this is the case in own part catalogs. In the Standard catalog for example, possibly there are no fingerprints available for all lines so that you will loose useful results. If you load parts into the Part comparison for a detailed examination, there you can still check whether the desired characteristic is available.

  • Filter mirrored parts: If the option is activated mirrored parts are filtered.

    Example: Mirrored parts

    Example: Mirrored parts

  • Threshold: Set minimal tolerated similarity here.

    [Note] Note

    If you don't get any results, may be you have selected a too high value. Try 70% for example. Then the chance is high to get results.

  • Generate missing fingerprints:

  • Search in the following directories: Activate those directories via checkbox, which you want to include for the search.

cost mockup options
  • Price column:

    • In the list field, select the desired column, which contains the price information. The price information is displayed at all search results later (if available).

    • Optionally state the currency.

    • Ignore projects without price information:

      The activation can accelerate the search. On the other hand very similar parts are possibly not included in the comparison anymore.