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Manual  Make or Buy, Cost mockup and Suppliers Analysis

With context menu command Analysis -> Create analysis... you can perform the following functions:

  • Make or Buy

    Comparison: Own part <-> Supplier part

    At which parts is know-how available, which parts can be purchased?

    The function Make or Buy enables you to search any other directories (supplier catalogs) for identic or similar parts, based on a selected directory (with any amount of own parts [119] e.g., possibly the parts of a complex assembly)

    The Make or Buy report function supports you at making the best decision regarding whether to produce parts or better buy them.

    More information is found under Section, “"Make or Buy" Analysis ”.

  • Suppliers

    Comparison: Supplier part <-> Supplier part

    In the course of supplier consolidation or standardization the supplier parts comparison may be interesting.

    The similarity comparison is primarily performed on a geometric base. An interesting feature is the additional textual search for reference statements to standard parts.

    More information is found under Section, “"Suppliers" Analysis ”.

  • Cost mockup

    Comparison: Supplier part <-> Supplier part

    If for the supplier comparison explicitly the cost side shall be focused on, select the Cost Mockup report.

    The Cost mockup function delivers additional prices of search and compared parts in the report, so that you can make a costing on this base. Hereto a respective price column in the LinkDB is needed.

    More information is found under Section, “"Cost mockup" Analysis ”.

The setting options on the analyses Make or Buy, Suppliers and Cost mockup Section, “Setting options for "Make or Buy", "Cost mockup" and "Suppliers" ” are very similar so that these will be explained together.

[119] The report can also be created on the basis of SAT/STEP/IGES/STL files. Details on the import via PLMsynchro can be found under PLMsynchro - Erstellen von Eigenteilekatalogen.