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Manual  Sketch search (2D): The most important at a glance
Description of function

The creation of sketches is easy and fast done.

The Sketch search (2D) is useful when there is no reference part available for a Geometric search (3D). In a second step you can possibly perform a Geometric search (3D).

All search methods can be combined with each other, except Sketch search (2D) and Geometric search (3D).

The Sketch search (2D) works well, when a special characteristic is given which ideally can be described with one simple sketch.

[Note] Note

The proportion between sketches matters, but not the absolute size. The crosshairs help keeping the proportion.

  1. In the opened menu of enhanced search methods, click on Sketch search (2D).

    -> The same-named dialog box is opened.

    Sketch search (2D) dialog box

    Sketch search (2D) dialog box

  2. Draw one to three views of the searched part.

    When clicking on a cube face it is swiveled to the foreground.

  3. Click on Commit.


    Takes over all changes and closes the dialog box.

    Start Sketch search (2D) via Start search.

    Commit and Search

    Closes the dialog box and starts Sketch search (2D).


    Closes the dialog box without saving any changes.

    -> The selection is displayed in the dialog area of search methods.

  4. Click on Start search.

    -> The results are listed.

In the following sections, at first you will find an example, then a description of different approaches, the description of the settings dialog and a detailed description of drawing tools.