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Manual  Settings / Actions
  • Minimum similarity:

    Basically applies: The higher the value, the quicker the search and the less results.

    If only little catalogs shall be searched, the differences between search times are relatively small. However when a search is performed over hundreds of catalogs differences may occur.

  • Select search template:

    • Search by Sketch (monochrome)

    • Sketch search (color)

  • Edit search templates:

    The Edit button is only displayed in Admin mode! (You can see your current status downright: User or Admin). The number of search templates depends on administrative presettings. On this see under Section 1.10.5, “ Define search template ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.

  • Actions

    In the Sketch search (2D) dialog box you can perform the following actions:


    Takes over all changes and closes the dialog box.

    Start Sketch search (2D) via Start search.

    Commit and Search

    Closes the dialog box and starts Sketch search (2D).


    Closes the dialog box without saving any changes.