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Manual  Mouse and keyboard assignment

Assign which functions are connected to which mouse movements and which key combinations.

Moue and keyboard assignment

Moue and keyboard assignment

  • Rotate, Move, Zoom:

    From the list fields select which mouse button will contain the functions Rotate, Move, Zoom.

    In the list field under key, you can optionally combine the mouse action with a key combination (Alt, Caps, CTRL). If not , leave it "-".

  • Zoom:

    Mouse movement upwards enlarges.

    Mouse movement downwards minimizes.

    If you activate Invert the opposite comes into effect.

  • Window:

    Enlarge by pulling open a frame.

  • Mouse wheel: (click, pull, release)

    With the Mouse wheel you can zoom in/out. Scrolling down minimizes the picture. If you activate Invert the opposite comes into effect.

    • Click with mouse wheel and draw: Zoom on window

    • Click with mouse wheel: Set part transparent

      Part selected

      Part selected

      Transparency with middle mouse key

      Transparency with middle mouse key

      With pressed Shift key you can click through transparent parts and so select a part laying behind to set it transparent as well.

  • Rotation:

    • Free rotation ( default ): Rotation in all directions (same as in earlier versions)

    • Eingeschränkte Rotation (Z): Object cannot be tilled to the side (maybe interesting in architecture field).