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Manual  Connection components / Select value

When the possible fastener types are determined by selection under Measure unit, Hole type and Connection types, only components and values according to these presettings are displayed.

[Note] Note

You can start the selection with any component or value.

When for example first the length is determined, then only that bolts are displayed which have this length at all.

-> Whenever a selection has been performed, the filter icon appears. With click on the icon you remove the selection again.

Select component

Select component

Select value

Select value

  • Field Nominal:

    The field Nominal shows the possible Nominal diameter of the connection.

    PARTdataManager always calculated the intersection from a comparison of all available connection elements. Then the sizes of this intersection are displayed in the field Nominal. Example: If there is a bolt with the variants M1 to M5 and a nut with the variants M4 to M8, then the possible nominal diameters M4 to M5 result.

  • Field Length:

    Possible Nominal length according to the respective bolt. For each nominal diameter of a bolt a certain selection of lengths is assigned.

  • Field Pitch:

    The possible pitches for the respective selected bolt and nut standards are displayed in the field Pitch.

[Note] Note

Each change of a connection component or a value results in a new calculation of all components and values and in an update of 3D view and Table.

Meaning, if the bolt size is changed from M4 to M6 (variable "Nenn") for example, the selection of nuts is adjusted to this size. Furthermore the possible values for length and pitch are also adjusted.