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Manual Selection of connection type

Before you can select individual components and values, you have to perform basic settings concerning Measure unit, Hole type and counterbore type.

Screw types

Screw types

  • Measure unit:

    • Inch

    • Metric

  • Hole type :

    • Blind hole

      When the option Blind hole is selected, then in addition the determination of Blind hole thread length is possible.

    • Through drilling

    • Through hole threaded

  • Counterbore type:

    • Countersunk on nut side (N)

    • Countersunk on bolt side (B)

    • No countersunk

    • Countersunk on both sides (B) (N)

When all statements concerning connection type are done, the resulting available types of fasteners are displayed in the Fastener section above the single bolt standards. Compare Fig. „Screw types“.

In the list click on the desired Type of bolt.

The following types can be displayed for example depending on the installed and activated catalogs:

  • Screw, outer drive flush mounted

  • Screw, inner drive flush mounted

  • etc.