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Manual  Variables containing external references

Tabbed page General -> menu item Variables -> Variables containing external references

Columns can be marked with the property to open a program or document once a cell is being clicked. The document can be stored in the catalog, just as well be referenced per URL.

PARTdataManager: linked additional information

PARTdataManager: linked additional information

These columns show a document icon . When selecting Ausführbare Spalten einfärben in the setting options under Extras menu -> Settings... -> Table, they are colored in green additionally.

Document columns with icon

Document columns with icon

Document columns with icon + colored in green

Document columns with icon + colored in green

  1. Variables containing external references: Define respective column (variable).

  2. Variables containing external references -> Document to open: State the document which shall be opened when clicking the defined column (table cell).


  • Example 1

    Direct path statement to internal document with consideration of language dependency.

    The document (possibly even more with multiple languages) may be stored at any location within the catalog.

    If documents are available in several languages attach a language ID to the file name separated by an underscore. In the example below "_english" and "_german".

    Under Document to open set following entry:


    [Note] Note

    Note regarding syntax:

    If it is a table variable or a table constant, then the syntax is $VARNAME. In addition, there is the point of the file extension, thus two points in total.

    If an environment variable is used, then the syntax is $(ENVNAME). This does not need a point, thus one point in total.

  • Example 2

    Variable statement for path to internally stored document.

    Define respective column (variable) under Variables containing external references.

    Under Document to open, determine the variable containing the document path (here PDFX).

    The variable PDFX with attribute algorithm contains the path to a PDF which is stored in the catalog.

  • Example 3

    Document to open: Variable statement referencing an URL with consideration of language dependency. Depending on $CADENAS_LANGUAGE a respective condition is specified.

[Note] Note

Even several document columns can be specified. For this enter them separated by comma under Variables containing external references and under Document to open, the document paths or respective variables separated by comma again. The first two entries belong together, the second two, etc.

[Tip] Tip

The linked documents can be made available in the PDF data sheet. On this see Section, “ Embed Documents ”.

Instead of an internal document to be opened, just as well you may state a program to be executed:

  • Executable (WIN):

    Define the program (*.exe) to be opened when clicking on the defined column (WIN)

  • Program to be carried out (UNIX):

    Define the program (*.exe) to be opened when clicking on the defined column (UNIX).