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Manual  Embed Documents

In order to call embedded documents in the PDF there are two possibilities:

  1. Via click on a pin icon (see Section 10.4.12, “ Embed ”)

  2. Via link in the characteristic attribute table (description in the following)

Precondition: The required files should be stored in the catalog (in simplest case in respective project directory). Paths have to stated relatively to path of project file.[113]

  • In PARTdesigner, create the table with required tables.

  • In PARTproject, under Variables containing external references and Document to open, enter the respective variables.

  • In PartTemplateDesigner, under Elements -> Table, enable the checkbox Embed Documents.

    [Note] Note

    Take care that there is no line break in the link, otherwise it won't work.

[113] As of V11 SP6 absolute paths are also possible.