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Manual  Reverse Search – Test reverse search

In PARTproject -> Project selection -> context menu of catalog (or subdirectory) -> Automation, you can find the function Reverse Search – Test reverse search.[34]

With this you can check which parts of a list of order numbers or type codes (concatenated by values of yellow fields) can be found, so that you can be sure that these will lead to correct hits when searching with PARTdataManager, for example.

Order number or type code search

Order number or type code search


  1. Click the context menu command Reverse Search – Test reverse search.

    Context menu command "Reverse Search – Test reverse search"

    Context menu command "Reverse Search – Test reverse search"

    -> An Explorer window is opened.

  2. Enter a xlsx or csv file with following structure:


    Only one column is needed. The header contains the corresponding variable.

  3. Confirm with Open.

    -> The function is executed and a result file wit postfix "_final.csv" is created.

    The results can be found in a second column. Found numbers are marked with "found", not found have an empty string.


[34] Corresponding plugin files have to be stored under %CADENAS%/libs/all/plugins: reverse_lookup.cfg, reverse_lookup.def, reverse_lookup.vbb