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7.10.  2D derivation docking window

To display a solid body of the 3D view in 2D mode means to create a 2D derivation of it. Therefor you have to select the command 2D derivation. Either via toolbar or via View menu.

-> The docking window 2D derivation is opened.

When selecting a view from Default views or from Combination views, it is displayed on the right.

[Note] Note

The above figure shows all existing docking windows (working areas) as an overview.

Normally you won't use all docking windows at the same time. Make your own user interface as desired.

  • Show or hide single docking windows via the respective buttons of the Default toolbar or menu items of the View menu.

    Default toolbar

    Default toolbar

    • History

    • Sketcher

      (with Sketch history)

    • Variable Manager

    • 3D view

    • 2D derivation

    • Table

    View menu

    View menu

  • Move the single docking windows and adjust them in size. A detailed description on this can be found under Section, “Placing method for dockings ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - User manual.

Details on 2D view in PARTdataManager can be found under Section 12.2, “ Create 2D derivation ”.