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10.6.3. Hide table columns


Initial situation: The column IDNR shall be hidden.

  1. Open the Media editor via Settings menu -> Template configuration -> Edit media variables.

  2. Select the option PSOL_TABLE in the list field top right.

  3. In the lower half of the dialog box, mark the variable _Columns for example[116] and click on Edit.

    -> Now the upper half of the dialog box is activated (before it was grayed out) and the settings for Column (columns display), Format (line formatting) and Title (title formatting) become visible.

  4. In the upper half of the dialog box, click into the free area anywhere and then on the icon .

    -> A new line is added.

  5. Open the list field at Column and select the column to be hidden.

    [Note] Note

    Take care that you select the entry with the prefixed minus character. (In the following exemplary figure this is the entry "-IDNR").

  6. Click on Save.

  7. Close the dialog box and click on Ok.

  8. Update the table.

Result: Now the column IDNR is hidden.

[116] This would be the standard case. Of course you can create your own table Media Variables and reference to these in the PARTtemplateDesigner.