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Manual Create the characteristic attribute table *.tac

  1. Click on „einzelteil-projekt.tac“.

  2. In the dialog area Edit project, click on the Edit button.

  3. In the dialog box Edit file, confirm with OK.

  4. Create the characteristic attribute table/ *.tac file of your part. In this example the cap nut from the "Cap Nut Training" is used. On this compare under Section 7.5, “Create table: Small example from A to Z ”.

  5. Save the *.tab or *.tac and close PARTdesigner.

    -> In PARTproject the characteristic attribute table of the cap nut is taken as „einzelteil-projekt.tac“. When clicking the Edit button again, the new created table is opened.

    -> Later the table will be shown in the Part view of PARTdataManager.