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Manual Create preview image *.png

  1. Provide the required preview images in the directory structure.

    [Note] Note

    Preview images have to be provided in the size of 400x400 Pixel in the PNG format with 8 Bit.

  2. Select the desired project and under tabbed page General -> Preview, in the list field, set the desired preview image.

    -> Only now the preview image is displayed in the directory structure of PARTproject.

  3. Select „part.png“.

    -> In the dialog area Edit project, the preview image of the part is displayed under Preview.

  4. Optionally, if you want to replace the preview image by another:

    Click the Import button and choose the new preview image in the Explorer.

    -> In PARTproject, now the preview image of the cap nut is replaced and the preview is shown now.

    -> Later, when calling the project, the respective preview image is displayed in the Part view of PARTdataManager:[18]

    [Note] Note

    Via context menu command Generate image data/preview images you can create preview images in an automated process. See Section, “ Generate image data/preview images with batch run ”.

[18] Index has to be updated!