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Manual Create geometry *.3db

  1. Click on „einzelteil-projekt.3db“.

    -> In the dialog area Edit project, the Preview of the part geometry will be displayed. Presently there is no drawing available yet.

  2. Click on the Edit button.

  3. In the dialog box Edit file confirm with OK. The checkbox Use variable from table is not relevant, because no table exists yet, where variables could be taken from.

    -> PARTdesigner is started.

  4. Create the Geometry / *.3db file of your part. In this example the cap nut from the training is used. On this compare under Section 7.4, “Create 3D model: Small example from A to Z ”.

  5. Save the *.3db and close PARTdesigner.

    -> In PARTproject, now the geometry of the cap nut is taken as „einzelteil-projekt.3db“ ("single-part-project.3db"). The preview depicts the part.

    -> Later the geometry of the cap nut will be shown as 3D preview in the Part view of PARTdataManager.