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3.2.16.  Copyright Project

Each catalog must have a Copyright project in the root level of the catalog.

By opening the project it must show the address of the legally responsible supplier - usually it is the contractor. Any kind of additional texts and additional addresses, etc. are not allowed to be placed there.

Addresses of subsidiaries etc. have to be add in the By Categories classification (see Section 3.2.13, “ Classification by Category / Alphabet / Country ”).

Other hints, information, etc. should be realized as parallel document projects.

Best Practice Example of a Copyright-Project:

[Note] Note

Do not copy the file copyright.prj from other catalogs, but always create it from the template.

Project creation:

  1. On catalog level, call the context menu command New project.

    -> The same-named dialog box is opened.

  2. Select Template for Copyright-Project and confirm with OK [2].

    -> The project is automatically created with the needed files (translation file, picture and text).

[2] The templates are stored under $CADENAS_SETUP/prjtmpl/default.