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3.2.13.  Classification by Category / Alphabet / Country

Each catalog must be classified by categories, alphabet and countries. For this classification (if not yet existing) a <categories.prj> must be added in the main folder of the catalog. Additionally the following three class systems must be installed (via PARTadmin):

  • By Categories

  • By Countries

  • By Alphabet

The installation happens in PARTadmin under Section, “ Catalog update Online ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.

In PARTproject -> tabbed page General, under Classification, the required fields are visible then and have to be filled.

Classification (By Alphabet), (By Categories), (By Countries)

Classification (By Alphabet), (By Categories), (By Countries)

All suitable categories have to be chosen – so the catalog will appear on the right place in the end media and installation dialog. The alphabet classification must always be set up, but is especially useful if the supplier name is composed by several parts, e.g. „Schneider Electric Motion“ – in this case the letters S, E and M must be classified, so that the catalog can be found in correct letter group. The country classification equals the manufacturing divisions of the catalog supplier which is also shown at many places in CADENAS end media (e.g. PARTcommunity maps / RFQ Feature). The objective is to provide the user an effective product procurement near to his own location.

Also see Section 5.13.5, “ Add projects to classification ”.

[Note] Note

Do not copy the file categories.prj from other catalogs, but always create it from the template.

Project creation:

  1. On catalog level, call the context menu command New project.

    -> The same named dialog box is opened.

  2. Select Template for Categories Project and confirm with OK [1].

    -> The project is automatically created with the needed files (translation file and png file for company logo).

[1] The templates are stored under $CADENAS_SETUP/prjtmpl/default.