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3.2.15. Special labeling of catalog with icons

When catalogs have special characteristics then they can be highlighted with a special label for better distinction in the PARTdataManager Part view.

Possible labels are:



2D = 2D catalog

B = BMEcat catalog: Catalog has been created via the electronic BMEcat exchange format

! = Confidential Catalog

C = Customer catalog: Catalog has been created by supplier itself (not by CADENAS)

D = Demo Catalog

E = Excerpt: Ausschnitt eines Kataloges

I = Internal catalog: Catalog is only used internal by customer

N = Neutral catalog: Catalog has been created with a Neutral Format Importer

Mechatronic Concept Design (MCD)

PDF = PDF catalog: Catalog consisting of PDF documents

Electrical parts

These labels are only allowed to be set up initially from the CADENAS Project Management (an adjustment of the <dir.prj> file in the catalog main folder is required).

QA seals

Furthermore catalogs show the silver and golden QA seals in PARTdataManager part selection, as far as a supplier is certified with them:



Version 8/9/10/11 catalog QA seal gold
Version 8/9/10/1 catalog QA seal silver