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3.3.13. QA Seal

To highlight catalogs that fulfill all current quality demands on the public platforms, CADENAS introduced the silver and golden QA seal. It is shown in PARTdataManager next to the catalog logo shows also the version number (V8/V9/V10/V11) for which the seal was committed. By moving the mouse arrow over the seal logo, the exact certification date and detailed certification criteria will be displayed. Also on PARTcommunity OEM portals and on the available Catalogs overview page the QA seal is presented together with the company logo.

Silver seal
  • The catalog is managed with PARTproject QA SVN

  • The catalog has passed TestMeta for the current version

  • The catalog has at least grade 3 in the CIP Release Check *

  • The catalog supports English as original or default language

  • The catalog supports ERP mappings *

Golden seal
  • The catalog fulfils all of the silver seal requirements

  • The catalog has a high additional benefit data grade

  • The catalog customer showed special QA engagement


  • *: Only relevant for existing catalogs

New catalogs that were created by CADENAS as a service have the silver QA-Seal by default (at the first delivery). For all catalogs that have not yet a QA seal, the customer must order a QA seal check. Q&S catalogs doesn't need to have a seal by default (what doesn't mean that they couldn't have it if they possess all requirements for it).

The check will be stored in a protocol and delivered to the Project Manager / Customer together with an estimation of the required adjustment efforts.