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Manual Integration of PARTsolutions CATIA interface in the CATIA environment

The integration of the PARTsolutions interface in CATIA V5 is not executed automatically.

In order to have the PARTsolutions toolbar available in CATIA the interface has to be integrated in the CATIA environment. Proceed as follows:

  • Switch into the PARTsolutions interface directory (e.g. $CADENAS/iface/catia/V5R2x).

  • Depending on the operation system variant either use the file "addenv-psc-32bit.txt" or "addenv-psc-64it.txt" in order to extend the CATIA environment.

  • Copy the complete content of the file at the end of your CATIA environment file.

    • The path to your CATIA environment is found in the file "EnvDir.txt".

      For example, this is found under "C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B21\win_b64".

    • The path is "C:\ProgramData\DassaultSystemes\CATEnv\CATIA.V5R20.B20.txt" for example. Possibly "ProgrammData" is not visible. If this is the case then simply enter the path in the Explorer or set "ProgrammData" visible.

      Alternatively you can copy the content of the file into a local environment to C:\Users\root\AppData\Roaming\DassaultSystemes\CATEnv.

  • Check the PARTsolutions CATIA interface:

    • Start CATIA

    • Open a new product


    • Now the PARTsolutions toolbar should be displayed as depicted.

      Toolbar with Assembly Design

      Toolbar with Assembly Design

      Toolbar with Part Design

      Toolbar with Part Design

Further and current information is found in the file „readme.txt“. This file is stored with each PARTsolutions CATIA V5 interface in the installation directory.