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PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - User manual


Edition V10.00 SP8, 07/2016

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Table of Contents

1. Overview of PARTsolutions modules and their relationships
2. Open PARTsolutions from CAD systems
2.1. Information about present interface version
2.2. Integrating the PARTsolutions interface
2.3. Function check of the PARTsolutions interface
2.4. Opening the interface
2.5. CAD specific menu commands
2.5.1. AutoCAD Standard information Additional information User library Enhanced Attribute Editor Administration
2.5.2. CATIA V5 Standard information Additional information Installation of PARTsolutions CATIA interface Integration of PARTsolutions CATIA interface in the CATIA environment Part placement Documentation for the CATIA V5 interface
2.5.3. CoCreate Modelling | Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Standard information Additional information Activating the PARTsolutions interface Insert 3D - PARTsolutions placement dialog Replace Inserting parts into PARTdataManager "My parts" library Connection Physical properties from PARTsolutions Export per Macro Administration
2.5.4. Fides
2.5.5. HiCAD
2.5.6. Inventor Standard information Additional information PARTsolutions pool path Insert connections from PARTsolutions Derived parts / create assemblies ?? Physical properties from PARTsolutions Export per Macro Several Inventor versions in parallel operation Trouble-shooting Administration
2.5.7. MEDUSA 4 Standard information Additional information PARTsolutions integration Activation of the PARTsolutions interface PARTsolutions menu
2.5.8. MegaCAD Standard information
2.5.9. NX Standard information Additional information First start Insert 3D - Part placement Pattern features Physical properties from PARTsolutions Administration
2.5.10. Pro/Engineer | Creo Elements/Pro | Creo Parametric Standard information Additional information Activating the PARTsolutions interface in Pro/E Paste Insert connection from PARTsolutions Insert 3D - Pattern recognition Replace Insert repeatedly Repair assembly references User library Drawing Symbols Adjusting sketch accuracy Physical properties from PARTsolutions Administration
2.5.11. Solid Edge Standard information Additional information Insert 3D - Part placement Determine unit Insert connection from PARTsolutions User library Several Solid Edge versions in parallel operation Physical properties from PARTsolutions Troubleshooting Administration
2.5.12. SolidWorks Standard information Additional information Empty assembly Insert 3D - Pattern recognition Insert connection from PARTsolutions Export per Macro Several SolidWorks versions in parallel operation Physical properties from PARTsolutions Troubleshooting Administration
2.5.13. SpaceClaim
2.6. CAD encompassing reference of all menu commands
2.6.1. Insert 2D from the Standard and supplier parts library
2.6.2. Insert 3D from the Standard and supplier parts library Standard placement "In Cylinder" "On surface" "Touching Surfaces"
2.6.3. New view
2.6.4. Seamless integration of the PARTsolutions library in CAD "Search" tabbed page "Catalogs" tabbed page "Favorites" tabbed page "View" tabbed page - Variable list | 3D view | 2D derivation Variables in the list view 3D view 2D derivation Transfer to CAD Update catalogs Seamless with ERP integration
2.6.5. Search for unmachined parts
2.6.6. Replace
2.6.7. Insert repeatedly
2.6.8. Extras Load PS2 file Load PS3 File Run script Model2PARTcloud.net Release License
2.6.9. Execute Geometric Search Call up Actions in the search result list Further actions in the "Geometric search (3D)" dialog box
2.6.10. Insert Connection
2.6.11. User library Insert Insert features into library (UDF)
2.6.12. Settings
2.6.13. Info Licenses System info/Support Help About CADENAS PARTsolutions
3. PARTsolutions Modules
3.1. PARTdataManager
3.1.1. Basic functions Functional range Open PARTdataManager License selection dialog box at Floating licensing Part selection until export with the help of two small examples User interface Part selection Part view General notes Search and Part Selection Search and Part Selection at a glance Determine catalog/classification/directory to be searched Custom selection... Search for Parts | Part families and Parts Search methods Select / combine search methods Full-text search Full-text search options - Syntax Wildcard query for a whole directory What is searched? Automatic phrase completions Full-text search supplemented with synonyms Full-text search in link database using ERP integration Full-text search example Variables search Variables search - example 1: Call from "Common variables" section Variables search - example 2: Generate filter assistant Variables search - example 3: Call directly from variable value of a search result Variables search setting options and functions Geometric search (3D) Example Define search part / Settings Define search part Settings Search results Sketch search (2D) Example Different operation methods of sketch search Create sketch from picture Create sketches automatically from 3D and modify Create sketches manually Settings / Actions Drawing Tools Color search Search for unmachined parts Topology search Topology search: Simple search with "Any parameter" Part selection via index tree Symbols mode Details mode Item Catalogs Item Classifications Item Favorites Item History "Installed catalogs" rubric Navigation via navigation path (breadcrumbs) Part selection per Assistant Search settings: Save as template / load Start search / Start Cloud Navigator / Start Cloud Map Search results Display mode "Details" display mode Popup window in the Summary column "Table" display mode "Symbols" display mode "Cloud Map" display mode "Partition Map" display mode Columns show/hide Catalog filter Icons and messages Save search results: in favorites / in file Suggested corrections for typing errors e.g. - Did you mean "Related results" - Specify / broaden search Sort table lines Start search in new tab from context menu Actions (context menu commands / buttons) Catalog, project and part information Docking window "Details" Docking window Use Cases (Online) Status bar Part selection with ERP integration Part comparison Call part comparison / Taking over parts into part comparison Tabular Compare 3D comparison Standard functions Part comparison in sectional plane Expert mode Movement and orientation Comparison operations Colors/Transparency tabbed page 2D comparison 3D & 2D synchronization Context menu Cloud Navigator Cloud Navigation Search - Examples CloudNavigator Example - Textual search and GeoSearch with part comparison CloudNavigator example - Variable search and modification side by side CloudNavigator example - Topology search: Directly compare similar search runs Start Search methods / Context menu commands Export to CAD Buttons Settings Context menu commands Part view "Table" / "List" window Determine characteristic in table view Determine characteristic in list view "Links" window Geometric search in the background Docking window "Part information" "Assembly" window "3D preview" window 3D window toolbar Select Level of Detail of part Measurement of 3D parts Measuring grid Show Dimensions Define section cut... Part naming Docking "Technical details" "Use Cases (Online)" window Search filter assistant Calculation-Assistant Connections Precondition Functions Small example from A to Z User interface in detail "Connection" section Buttons Material information from CAD Catalog selection Selection of connection type Connection components / Select value Selection of bolt and nut side 3D view Table Connections with ERP linking Create and edit ERP connections Save single part Modes for display of status colors Meaning of status colors Examples Example 1 - No filter set Example 2 - Bolt selected Example 3 - Value selection through further components Example 4 - "green path / orange path" Example 5 - Primary meaning of the Bolt before other components Example 6 - orange directories Administration Export to CAD Export to CAD systems with PARTsolutions interface Export of 3D parts to 3D CAD systems Export of 3D parts to 2D CAD systems Export of 2D parts to 2D and/or 3D CAD systems Export to CAD systems without PARTsolutions interface Create 2D derivation "2D view" dialog box Standard views Current view Combination views Render mode Scale and Paper formats Settings / visibility Alternative 2D size Optimize drawing view on paper size / Add dimensioning in PARTdataManager before the export Transfer special derivations or technical views to CAD system "Choose view to pass..." dialog box Exporting the 2D drafting Context menu and buttons "2D view" window Export setting options Legend: Used icons on catalog, directory, project level and part view Icons on catalog level Catalog Quality Seal Directory level Icons on project level Icon - Standards Classification Available analyses Obsolete standard part/manufacturer part Part view Parts to be avoided
3.1.2. More functions Export to CAD system Transfer to CAD systems with PARTsolutions interface Export to CAD systems without PARTsolutions interface - Export in file Export in file - General Export 3D formats "Views" tabbed page "Filter" -> Geometry tabbed page "Export options" tabbed page -> Insertion position, Options, Layer settings "Export options" tabbed page - VDI3805 PARAM 3D "Export options" tabbed page -> Export accuracy "Transformation" tabbed page "Reduction" tabbed page "Export options" tabbed page -> Insert in CAD automatically "Cross-section" tabbed page "NX" tabbed page Import via Macro CATIA Macro SolidDesigner/OneSpace Modeling Macro SolidWorks Macro Export 2D formats "Views" tabbed page Tabbed page "Filter" - Unit conversion "Layers" and "Export options" tabbed page - AutoCAD DWG 2D "Export options" tabbed page - DWF 2D "EPS Drawing Options" tabbed page "Export options" tabbed page - ME10 MI 2D "Export options" tabbed page - Microstation DGN 2D "Export options" tabbed page - SVG 2D "Export options" tabbed page - DXF 2D (binary) Export Image formats BMP GIF JPEG PNG TIFF Animated GIF Maxwell Render 3D "Attributes" tabbed page "Maxwell" tabbed page "Material" index page "Stage" tabbed page "Cross-section" tabbed page PARTrenderManager with Maxwell Renderer POV-Ray 3D "Attributes" tabbed page "POV-Ray" tabbed page "Cross-section" index page Create previews for PARTdataManager Export "Others" formats Export in AVI format Export PDF (U3D) format Export PDF datasheet Application Settings Export QR code eClass Advanced Export further "Others" formats "Export options" tabbed page -> Export accuracy "Cross-section" tabbed page "Transformation" tabbed page "Reduction" tabbed page "Filter" -> Geometry tabbed page "Collada options " tabbed page "WebGL Html" tabbed page Export in transfer formats 3D transfer formats 2D transfer formats Export in native format Document scan / Analyses Purchineering / Duplicates Report / Search for unmachined parts Purchineering License Call up Labeling Make or Buy report "Find suppliers" report "Cost mockup" report Price request Find Supplier branches Kanban Report Setting options for "Make or Buy", "Find suppliers", "Cost mockup" Icons in "Make or Buy", "Find suppliers", "Cost mockup" Part comparison Buttons Duplicates Report Settings Overview Results Search for unmachined parts Settings Custom variables Filter for results: Example - Search for unmachined parts combined with Variables search Result list 3D view General on all kinds of reports Precondition PARTdataManager: Running report generations on server Report management... - Call up created reports later Configurations and templates General information regarding assemblies Configuration Template Assembly Table Project Configuration mode Context menus in the "Assembly" dialog area Context menu of an assembly Search... Transparency Insert part Context menu of an assembly element What does it mean if... Saving templates Catalog Feedback Report model problem - Show status of reported model problems Workflow Local Settings - Examples PARTdataManager – ERP/PDM extensions ERP toolbar Enhanced search possibilities with ERP integration Full-text search: Geometry and ERP values mixed Full-text search in combination with Variables search Use preferred rows filter Database login… User and role display in status bar Classify project Columns with colored background for ERP and PDM data Hiding columns Status colors for catalog index Status indicating bitmaps for table view (Status light) Additional information in directory tree Request ERP number per e-mail Display filtered tree Sorting of search results Line sorting in PARTdataManager "Assembly" Window - Bill of material Window Display mode Choice of geometrically identical versions Loading the single parts Show CAD documents (PDM-ID) in PARTdataManager
3.1.3. Reference part Toolbars with icons Overview Standard toolbars Optional toolbars Optional windows Export Catalog help Views Montage Configurator mode Exploded view Assembly structure Connect assemblies automatically View modes 3D window toolbar Extended 3D toolbar Details Select Level of Detail of part Default Preferred rows on/off Show graphics in table Automatic recalc on/off Link database Online search Mini viewer Menus File Export Transfer to CAD Export in file Meta file batch View Part selection Part view 2D view Assistant Thread on/off Configurator mode Exploded view Assembly structure Table Restrict / Cancel restriction Edit table Tabbed page Documents Tabbed page Variables Tabbed page Table Configurator Extras PARTupdate PARTadmin PARTbom Bill of material Physical properties of the part Purchineering Duplicates Report Search for unmachined parts Report generations on server... Send to Sunglass server Preferred rows on/off Connect assemblies automatically Start VBS/VBB script... Open part by MIDENT Settings... Window ? (Help) Context menus Part selection Context menu commands - Examples Context menu commands in detail Open Versions Go to class Part information Release Notes Search in the catalog / Search in directory Part comparison Geometrical search for this part Sort by geometric similarity Sketch search for this part Cloud Navigation Search Purchineering Duplicates Report Search for unmachined parts Price search... Add to favorites Add to analysis... Copy Hide project / Hide directory Rename folder Create new directory Create document project Generate image data/preview images Generate previews Launch Preferences Alternative: Create preview images externally and then import Export files Tabbed page "Default options" Tabbed page "View / Export" Tabbed page "Extended" Edit with PARTproject Catalog Feedback Part view Context menu - "Links" dialog box Context menu - "Table" tabbed page Sort by geometric similarity Context menus: 3D / 2D / Technical specifications Overview Zoom / Move Views Normal to face Enter rotation angle Transparency Animation / Set rotation center Define section cut... Measurement of 3D parts Measuring grid Print 2D specific commands Dimensioning mode Choose insertion point Show coordinate system Assembly-specific commands More context menus Table Table areas - Functions - Overview Choose display range 3D preview Restrict table Background information Level of Detail background information Administrative presettings Determine the displayed features at each Level of Detail Individual setting of LOD (Level of Detail) in PARTsolutions Level of Detail in the CAD Additional 2D sectional views within CAD
3.2. PARTbom
3.2.1. Function of PARTbom
3.2.2. Opening PARTbom Variant 1 – opening from PARTsolutions Variant 2 – Opening via Explorer License selection dialog box at Floating licensing
3.2.3. How do I create a Bill of Material? Transferring parts from PARTdataManager Creating parts yourself and including them in the Bill of Material
3.2.4. Structure of PARTbom
3.2.5. Hierarchical view Working with drag & drop Adding new parts yourself Transferring parts from PARTsolutions modules Deleting parts from the hierarchical view Link between parts in PARTbom and their “originating modules”
3.2.6. Table view Menu item "Order of columns" Functions of the table
3.2.7. Print preview Single fields Area fields Context menu of the address header or of the area fields Context menu command for area field „Order at“ Context menu commands for all area fields Option buttons “Inquiry” and “Order” Menu bar and function button bar
3.2.8. Menus and toolbar Menu "File" Exporting from PARTbom Menu "Bill of material" Menu "Print preview" Menu "Options" Menu "Window" Menu "?" (Help)
3.3. Preferences
3.3.1. Launch
3.3.2. "PARTdataManager" tabbed page
3.3.3. "Part selection" tabbed page Size of preview Sorting Project statements Document types
3.3.4. "Bill of material" tabbed page
3.3.5. "Administrator" tabbed page
3.3.6. "Table" tabbed page
3.3.7. "Network" tabbed page
3.3.8. "Log settings" tabbed page
3.3.9. "Export to CAD" tabbed page
3.3.10. "Assembly" tabbed page
3.3.11. "Search" tabbed page General Text search Sketch search (2D) Geometric search (3D) Topology Color search
3.3.12. "3D settings" tabbed page Templates "Elements" tabbed page Display Line colors / thickness Threads Center point "Environment" tabbed page Background colors Background texture Logo Environment sphere Floor "Miscellaneous" tabbed page Handling Mouse and keyboard assignment Correct aspect ratio Other Controls Standard material
3.3.13. "2D view" tabbed page
3.3.14. "META" tabbed page
3.3.15. "Colors" tabbed page
4. PARTcommunity4Enterprise
4.1. Technical information / General
4.2. User interface
4.3. Basics: Change language | Register | Login
4.3.1. Basics: Change language | Register | Login (Supplier/OEM portals)
4.3.2. Basics: Change language | Register | Login (B2B portal)
4.4. Account Settings
4.4.1. Account Settings (Supplier/OEM portals)
4.4.2. Account settings (B2B portal)
4.5. Part selection
4.5.1. How can I select a CAD model? (Overview) How do I recognize my position in directory levels and how can I switch to another level? How can I define the characteristic of the part? How can I adjust the value range fields in the variable view? How can I filter for certain variables in the table view?
4.5.2. Catalog display: Which filter possibilities are available? Certified catalogs By categories By countries By standards
4.5.3. Which search functions are available? How can I search for specific terms? How can I search for specific variables? How can the geometric search be carried out (based on an uploaded own part) ? How can I search for parts by a self drawn sketch? The required catalog is not available - what can I do?
4.5.4. How can I compare parts?
4.6. How can I get a 3D preview of the selected CAD model?
4.7. How can I get dimension diagrams of my chosen CAD model?
4.8. How can I import the selected CAD model into the CAD system? (B2B and OEM portals / Supplier portals)
4.8.1. How can I import the selected CAD model into the CAD system? (B2B and OEM portals) How can I download the selected CAD model and import it into the CAD system? (B2B and OEM portals) How can I send the selected CAD model to my e-mail address and import it into the CAD system? (B2B and OEM portals) How can I directly integrate the selected CAD model into the CAD system (PART2cad)? (B2B and OEM portals)
4.8.2. How can I import the selected CAD model into the CAD system? (Supplier portals) How can I select a CAD format? | How can I define the transfer mode into the CAD system? (Supplier portals) How can I download the chosen CAD model and import it into the CAD system? (Supplier portals) How can I directly integrate the chosen CAD model into the CAD system (PART2cad)? (Supplier portals) How can I send the chosen CAD model to my e-mail address and import it into the CAD system? (Supplier portals) How can I determine the level of detail? (Supplier portals)
4.9. Special Actions
4.10. PARTcommunity FAQ
4.10.1. Why do I get the error message "E-Mail not allowed" and how can I solve the problem?
4.10.2. Why do I get the error message "No valid ticket" and what can I do?
4.10.3. PART2CAD CoCreate Modelling | Creo Elements/Direct Modeling | One Space Designer Modeling Why do I get the error message "CAD system not started"?
5. Interactive Product Configurator
5.1. Installation / Start
5.2. Classification of the user interface and functions
5.2.1. Overview
5.2.2. Buttons
5.2.3. Menus
5.2.4. 3D view toolbar
5.2.5. Context menu commands in 3D view General Connection points --- connect Configure linear system
5.2.6. Table selection Value range columns Information columns
5.3. Assembling a configuration — basic functions
5.3.1. Insert starter part
5.3.2. Select connection point
5.3.3. Move part in flute
5.3.4. Choose connector
5.3.5. Part overview
5.3.6. Add further parts
5.3.7. Disconnect connection of part
5.3.8. Delete part
5.3.9. Meaning of colors on part
5.3.10. Export
5.3.11. Create 2D derivation Settings Context menu of the 2D view Dimensioning mode
5.3.12. Conflicts
5.4. Further functions
5.4.1. Export BOM list
5.4.2. Rotate part around connection point
5.4.3. Combine and expand profile
5.4.4. Move / rotate part
5.4.5. Matrix copy
5.4.6. Fix part to position
5.4.7. Change distance between parts
5.4.8. Replace part
5.4.9. Measurement of 3D parts
5.4.10. Active measurement
5.4.11. Show comments in 3D
5.4.12. Comment on part
5.4.13. Load DXF as background
5.4.14. Define dependency between parts
5.4.15. Change length
5.5. Special function
5.5.1. Create worksheets Settings 2D view context menu Dimensioning mode in 2D view META Export the 2D derivation Measure 3D parts
5.5.2. Search for unconnected profiles
5.5.3. Automatic placement of end caps
5.5.4. Automatic assembly of a guard rail for a transport roadway
5.5.5. Assembling a profile distance
6. FAQ
6.1. Help
6.2. Context help...
6.3. About
6.4. Part information
6.5. Licenses
6.5.1. License information "General" tabbed page "License selection" tabbed page "Expiring licenses" tabbed page "Active licenses" tabbed page "Checkout" tabbed page
6.5.2. Licensing "Request licenses online" index page for single workstation license "Request licenses online" index page with FLM license Entering licenses... (Single workstation) Entering licenses... (FLM) Check licenses... (Single workstation) Check licenses... (FLM) No valid license available
6.6. Support
6.6.1. User portal
6.6.2. PARTconcept: Ticketing
6.6.3. Remote maintenance
6.6.4. System info/Support
6.6.5. Global Logging System
6.7. Window moved
6.8. 3D preview
6.9. Update
6.10. Sort directories
6.11. Error in LINKTABLE
7. Appendix
7.1. Third Party License Information