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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a challenge?

It is our goal to increase the exchange of knowledge among engineers of our portal PARTcommunity. As a benefit for our active community members we have created several challenges together with the support of numerous component manufacturers, which are awarded with interesting prizes.

How does it work?

Follow the description and tasks of the respective engineering challenge. Post your contribution together with a photo or screenshot to the defined section within the PARTcommunity portal. After the process is finished an independent jury will figure out the winner and notify him.


We'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have per email under Marketing@cadenas.de or via telephone under +49 (0)821 2 58 58 0 - 0.

Want to start a challenge yourself?

You are a component manufacturer and want to create your own competition? Contact us under Marketing@cadenas.de or per telephone under +49 (0)821 2 58 58 0 - 0.


  • The CAD Challenge

    Le challenge de conception CAO 3D pour les étudiants post-BAC

    Ta mission  : Réaliser le projet en CAO 3D le plus créatif, innovant, technique et économique !

    Tu peux participer avec le projet tutoré réalisé au cours de ton cursus scolaire.

    Début des inscriptions le 2 octobre sur http://thecadchallenge.com

  • PARTcloud 3D Modeling World Championship 2018

    A year of continuous new chances of success

    Weekly Amazon gift vouchers up to 30 EUR are waiting for you.

    Every week there is a new challenge to be conqueredShow us and the entire PARTcloud.net Community your funny, creative, unusual or useful ideas for the current topic.