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  • Engineering.com article PLM This Week: An All-Time High for Arena yesterday brings a news about another record quarter of Arena Solutions – cloud PLM vendors selling pure cloud based (SaaS) product lifecycle management software. The article is short and basically says Ar...
  • Industrial Manufacturer Now Provides Configurable 3D CAD Models and Digital Product Previews Flow meter manufacturer AW-Lake Company has recently launched an all-new online catalog of configurable 3D CAD models, built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, LLC. Best known for their industrial flow meter pro...
  • PARTcommunity sets new standards and for the first time achieved 20 million CAD model downloads in a month         In March it was that time again: Downloads on the biggest 3D CAD model download portal PARTcommunity vreached record figures. With a great leap t...
  • We are getting more connected these days. Many elements of our every day life habits and needs are moving into digital space – media & news moved completely from paper magazines online, e-commerce is developing fast, transportation is catching up. I can see some interesting signs of digital...
  • Partnership agreement of CADENAS and The BIM Hub - it all starts with an app     The BIM Hub® a trusted networking environment for BIM Professionals and CADENAS GmbH, a world leader in 3D CAD models have come together in January to sign a significant partnership agreement. In do...
  • Partnerships were flowing at the Fluid Power & Systems Exhibition in Birmingham. CADENAS UK CEO Colin Johnson exhibited last week with the British Fluid and Power Association (BFPA). Together with the help of a DREAMOC hologram displayer CADENAS presented their innovative solutions: PARTsolutions, G...
  • Integration is a popular word in PLM. It is a good word. It gives you a good taste and promise of the right approach, technology, strategy. Just say that – “integrated PLM deployment” and it feels good. Doesn’t matter that integration means bunch of code written using diffe...
  • Since 2012, there has been the “3D CAD models engineering“ app from CADENAS, which serves engineers and purchasers as download service and calculation tool for 3D data. Due to the growing popularity and the increasing download figures in the Google Play and iTunes Store, the software d...
  • PARTcloud.net is becoming more and more popular as a great source of 3D models for 3D printer manufacturers. One of them, Trinus 2-in-1 3D printer has recently published a model downloaded from PARTcloud.net as an example for their new product. Good way to go! More info:   http://kck.st/22P...
  •                           One of the topics, I’m following on my blog for long time is open source. Open source software (OSS) or free open source software (FOSS)  is a significant trend in modern softwar...

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  • Björn Bittner
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    3D CAD MODELS- EMILE MAURIN - Eléments Standard Mécaniques - Eléments d'Assemblages pour Tubes
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