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  • Digital CAD Models are Often Overlooked as a Key Content Marketing Tool Marketing teams for industrial manufacturers know all about the necessity of reaching buyers online, but a lot of their efforts haven’t necessarily translated to higher sales. Why? If manufacturers are following marke...
  • One of the main words your learn when you want to build new technology or software product is “different”. Many systems are claiming they are new or different, but in fact these systems are barely an improvement to existing systems. The second thing you learn called “inertia...
  • On Saturday was WORLD HONEY BEE DAY!  I love honey! And today we should praise the#honey #bee! I can see some flying around… ;) https://b2b.partcommunity.com/community/partcloud/index#!part?name=08%2F22+-+National+Honey+Bee+Day&model_id=42491 Do you know that almost 60 000 b...
  • After few years of the intensive sprint to support cloud technologies, major PLM vendors are happy to report – yes, we are on the cloud. While the most commonly asked question is “what cloud?”, the answer you usually can hear from vendors is simple – any cloud, just pick on...
  • Mencom Introduces New lock designs to secure MIN Series Connections for Harsh Manufacturing Environments at IMTS – Booth #E-4152 in the East Building Connection failures can be caused by various reasons, such as excess temperature, excess current or voltage, mechanical shock, stress and impac...
  • Did you know that you can embed an interactive view of your 3D CAD models and assemblies into your website? If not, this is important news for you: This is an excellent way to show your customers your 3D CAD files and offer a more interesting web page. Many CAD manufacturers are already doing it. ...
  • Have you heard about “digital thread”? If not, you probably should, because it might become the next point of debates about real vs. fake PLM. My attention was caught by Yoann Maingon article – Fake PLM is sexy but Real PLM is important. The article brings two videos &n...
  • Our environment is getting more disconnected then ever. The borders between work, home and mobile environments are blurring. What is the right answer to such a change? Software vendors are developing and acquiring new technologies and products to help them to manage data and communication in such ...
  • Even when the human eye fails, CADENAS’ Geometric Similarity Search GEOsearch won’t let you down At first sight, many things seem to be different than what they actually are. This is most evident in the case of so-called optical illusions. Here various areas of eyesight can be affecte...
  • ‪‎Lipstick‬ DayThings, every woman needs: A #lipstick for beautiful lips. But THIS one can be dangerous for other people. ;) But long time ago, it also was dangerous just to wear red lips: During the French revolution wearing red lips was a sign for supporting the aristocrats...

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  • Jorge Estêvao
    Jorge Estêvao pin onto 3D CAD MODELS @ Jorge Estêvao:
    3D CAD MODELS- D-M-E - SSI Straight interlocks - DME
    • 50 minutes ago
  • Ilario Gallo
  • df dfd
    df dfd pin onto 3D CAD MODELS:
    3D CAD MODELS- Festo - MSB4N\MSB6N - Service unit combination
    • 3 hours ago
  • David Schnyder
    David Schnyder pin onto 3D CAD MODELS @ David Schnyder:
    3D CAD MODELS- Mädler - Zst Aze - Gear Racks, Acetal Die-Cast
    • 4 hours ago
  • Annika  Litzel
    Annika Litzel wrote a recent NEWS entry:
    The Ideal Marketing Mix for Industrial Manufacturers: CAD Content Marketing
    • 5 hours ago
  • Annika  Litzel
    Annika Litzel wrote a recent NEWS entry:
    CAD Content Marketing: Der ideale Marketing Mix für Komponentenhersteller
    • 7 hours ago
  • Annika  Litzel
    Annika LitzelEngineering Newcomer 2016:
    Wir vom Engineering Newcomer wünschen einen guten Wochenanfang und starten mit einem weiteren hochgeladenen Modell. Diese Mal von Alexander Müller: Er hatte kurz vor der Deadline seine Heizkörperstandkonsole auf PARTcloud.net geladen. 
    • 8 hours ago
  • changhee kim
    changhee kim uploaded a new part 스프라킷_2 @ PARTcloud.net
    • 8 hours ago
  • saman azizi
    saman azizi pin onto 3D CAD MODELS @ saman azizi:
    • 10 hours ago
  • Mario Heppner
    Mario Heppner pin onto 3D CAD MODELS @ Mario Heppner:
    3D CAD MODELS- Ketten Fuchs GmbH - Zahnriemenscheibe - Toothed belt pulleys (metric T-division)
    • 10 hours ago
  • saman azizi
    saman azizi pin onto 3D CAD MODELS @ saman azizi:
    • 10 hours ago
  • Dalibor Pejicic
  • lahu shrdole
    lahu shrdole bearing
    • 13 hours ago
    • lahu shrdole
      Dalibor Pejicic https://b2b.partcommunity.com/community/search?query=bearing
      • 13 hours ago
  • Daniel Willis
    Daniel Willis pin onto 3D CAD MODELS @ Daniel Willis:
    3D CAD MODELS- Rittal
    • 16 hours ago
  • payni tech
    payni tech pin onto 3D CAD MODELS @ payni tech:
    3D CAD MODELS- Minebea Co., Ltd. - Open type
    • August 28