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New Articles

  • Riddle me this to find out the theme for the CADENAS Industry-Forum evening event 2017. The word we are looking for gives a decisive hint. Any ideas? Post your answers in the comments below!Sign up for the CADENAS Industry-Forum on the 15th & 16th of March 2017. More info & registration at https://...
  • Shifts in a rapidly changing manufacturing world and dramatic changes internet is bringing to digital economy might become a challenge for large software vendors. We all know almost classical examples of Kodak, IBM and DEC. These new digital behaviors can make existing business models irrelevant. ...
  • Tue at 12:29 PM
    Posted by Rosie Roza
    This is a cube 3D model designed in PARTsolutions software. Render is also done and this is the basic idea what I wanted to make.      The model is printed and it is ready to be painted.   Yellow candy paint is applied and it will give better effect under red paint. &...
  • IMI Precision Engineering is seeing a huge increase in customer satisfaction all thanks to the first ever integration of eCATALOGsolutions into an eShop For IMI Precision Engineering customer satisfaction is key and providing product information in a simple and easy to use product configurator wa...
  • Are your components ready for Industry 4.0? With eCATALOGsolutions you enrich the engineering data of your products with intelligent information to create a digital twin. E.g. in combination with the Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD) the commissioning of the technical systems can firstly be virtu...
  • Talk to any manufacturing company and they can easy convince you that their products, environment, engineering and manufacturing processes are unique. I’ve been in these conversations many times. This conversations and following PLM implementation can get ugly. It might lead to signific...
  • The industrial automation world is constantly searching for ways to increase installation reliability, speed up the installation process, and reduce downtime. Junction blocks often referred as terminal blocks and distribution blocks provide a simple and effective way through consolidating connection...
  • See what others liked most in 2016 and look forward to more exciting news in the New Year! 1) The most popular news by far (2,547 Views): Which catalog do you need? We’re there for you! One or the other user might be looking for a manufacturer’s component that is not yet in the 3D CA...
  • Salesforce AppExchange® is one of the world’s most-popular marketplace for business app. In my previous articles, I was talking about a potential opportunity to develop PLM products on top of Salesforce.com platform. Check my articles – Does Salesforce.com ready for PLM?; ...
  • Want to learn more about how IMI Precision Engineering is becoming world class online? IMI Precision Engineering has streamlined their sales process through the website integration of an eCATALOGsolutions 3D product configurator in combination with their existing CRM & eShop. To see their exc...

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Recent Activities

  • Lucas Falkowsky
    Lucas FalkowskyYoung Engineers powered by JFG & CADENAS: We, the F1 in schools racing team of the Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium in Augsburg, now finished our preparations on CAD and Corporate identity. For now we are still searching new sponsorships for the big south-east contest in munich. 
    • 54 minutes ago
  • Jürgen Heimbach
    Jürgen HeimbachYoung Engineers powered by JFG & CADENAS:
    F1 in Schools World Finals knockout races
    We're at the F1 in Schools World Finals in Austin, Texas as the last remaining 38 teams from around the World battle it out. Subscribe for more: http://link.base79.com/polepositionsub 38 teams from around the world battle it out to see who will become...
    • 3 hours ago
  • Jürgen Heimbach
    Jürgen HeimbachYoung Engineers powered by JFG & CADENAS:
    Designing your body onto the 'no-go-zone'
    A quick demo showing you how to design a body for your car in the F1 in Schools Entry and Development Classes. The 'no-go-zone' is an essential part of your design as it is the basic shape you must start with to compete in this year's UK Entry and Develop...
    • 3 hours ago
  • Jürgen Heimbach
    Jürgen HeimbachYoung Engineers powered by JFG & CADENAS:
    Development of the new F1 car
    • 3 hours ago
    • Tom Wittebrood likes this.
    • Jürgen Heimbach
      Jürgen Heimbach The youngsters will get their login soon and join the group - Today they got an 3D printer and be very busy to unbox them
      • 3 hours ago
    • Jürgen Heimbach
      Tom Wittebrood That's great Jürgen. Of course I can provide some tips if they have access to SolidWorks and PhotoView.
      • 3 hours ago
    • Jürgen Heimbach
      Tom Wittebrood I unfortunately don't have any idea about aerodynamic designs.
      • 2 hours ago
    • Jürgen Heimbach
      Jürgen Heimbach I invited Giuseppe Sacca - May be he knows a little bit - he have  alot of rendered car pictures - giuseppe saccà
      • 2 hours ago
    • Jürgen Heimbach
      Lucas Falkowsky Hello mr. Wittebrood,I am Lucas Falkowsky, a supervisor of the F1 in schools racing team "infinite speed". Thank you for the interrest in our project and for the support you are offering. Until now we were using Autodesk 3ds max as a render program a...  more
      • 44 minutes ago
  • Presseservice CANVAS
    Presseservice CANVAS created a new group:
    Young Engineers powered by JFG & CADENAS
    • 3 hours ago
  • Fasti Fantasti
  • Douglas Cambronero B
    Douglas Cambronero B pin onto 3D CAD MODELS @ Douglas Cambronero B:
    3D CAD MODELS- Norelem - 22280 - Idler sprockets with ball bearing
    • 4 hours ago
  • Torsten  Beer
    Torsten Beer pin onto 3D CAD MODELS @ Torsten Beer:
    3D CAD MODELS- VOSS - Catalogue
    • 4 hours ago
  • Torsten  Beer
    Torsten Beer pin onto 3D CAD MODELS:
    3D CAD MODELS- VOSS - Tube connection, 24° stud program and single parts / accessories
    • 4 hours ago
  • 3D CAD Models APP
    3D CAD Models APP pin onto Caster Pro 3D postet on native_iOS:
    Caster Pro 3D
    • 5 hours ago
  • Анатолий Заев
    Анатолий Заев pin onto 3D CAD MODELS @ Анатолий Заев:
    3D CAD MODELS- AFRISO-EURO-INDEX GmbH - Bourdon tube for chemical applications with glycerine 63
    • 5 hours ago
  • Rosario Longo
    Rosario Longo nice comunity :)
    • 5 hours ago
    • Rosario Longo
      Rosie Roza Hi Rosario! Feel free to publish your own 3D models, but also to invite your friends to join us here!
      • 4 hours ago
  • Rosario Longo
    Rosario Longo hi all
    • 6 hours ago
  • Josip Jakubiv
    Josip Jakubiv uploaded a new part Knuckle-duster @ PARTcloud.net
    • 6 hours ago
  • Mari-Lights
    Mari-Lights pin onto 3D CAD MODELS @ Mari-Lights:
    3D CAD MODELS- WAGO - 221-413 - COMPACT splicing connectors for all conductor types 3-conductor terminal block
    • 7 hours ago