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Key Account Manager / Sales Manager (m/f) – Italy

Acquisizione di nuovi clienti, in particolare l’acquisizione di clienti Key Account, Business Development nell’intero settore commerciale


Social Media Manager India (m/f)

Further develop the social media area (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Xing, PARTcommunity), Blogging articles, Create videos, International networking in the mechanical engineering sector


Managing Director / Business Development and Sales UK

The CADENAS Group already established some contacts to companies in the UK. Now we decided to open a branch office in the UK. To build up the branch office with the option of becoming the Managing Director, we are looking for an employee in the UK.

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  • Interaktives Designtool gibt Hapman Nutzern umfangreiche Möglichkeiten bei der Produktkonfiguration Hapman, der Spezialist für Abfertigungsanlagen und -systeme, hat kürzlich sein brandneues interaktives Designtool für Schüttgutabfertigungsstationen online gestellt. Entwic...
  •     Cloud PLM architecture and implementations is one of the topics I’m following for the last few years. It is interesting to watch dynamics of this space from initial ignorance to careful recognition and marketing buzz. I can see differences in how PLM vendors are approaching c...
  •       ULT AG introduces an app for portable devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs with iOS and Android operating systems The “ULT App” is a simple and efficient tool to support technicians and production schedulers in calculating required extraction and filtration ...
  • CADENAS gratuliert den drei Gewinnern der PARTcloud Challenge Der von CADENAS ausgerichtete PARTcloud Wettbewerb suchte die besten, nutzergenerierten 3D Objekte, die auf der 3D Sharing Plattform PARTcloud geteilt wurden. Jetzt stehen die Gewinner der PARTcloud Challenge fest. Spinnrad, Motorrad un...
  •     One of the heavily debated topics in CAD/PLM industry is data interoperability. I remember discussion about data interoperability and standards 10-15 years ago. Even vendors made some progress in establishing of independent data formats, the problem is still here. At the same time,...
  • Electronic Product Catalogs, online configurators and CAD download apps by CADENAS determined the tone of the international exhibition for metal work The AMB – international exhibition for metal work – is the biannual, in Stuttgart situated leading trade fare for machining technology. F...
  • PARTsolutions为Creo带来更多增值服务 PARTsolutions是CADENAS公司推出的面向标准件,供应商数据和自制件的管理系统. 通过战略性零部件数据管理系统PARTsolutions, 用户可以有效缩减和前置管理标准件及供应商数据. 全球各地的工程师借助PARTsolutions不仅为企业节省了大量成本而且也缩短了产品开发周期. PARTsolutions的几个主要优势体现在: - 包含各国标准件及600多家供应商产品目录CADENAS公司的PARTsolutions不仅为工程师提供了各国标准件, 还提供了600多家经过认证的, 世界知名供应商的CAD产品目录, 如...
  • Elektronische Produktkataloge, Onlinekonfiguratoren und CAD Download Apps von CADENAS bestimmen das Bild auf der internationalen Ausstellung für Metallbearbeitung Die AMB – Internationale Ausstellung für Metallbearbeitung - ist die alle zwei Jahre in Stuttgart stattfindende Leitmess...
  • One of the most interesting trends to watch these days is big data. It started few years ago and I can see different dynamics related to usage and value proposition of big data. It certainly started as a technology that revolutionized the way we can capture and process large amount of data. This i...
  • Die neuen Kugeltragbolzen GN 1130 machen das Handling von Maschinenelementen, Produktionswerkzeugen, schweren Werkstücken und vielen anderen Teilen einfacher, schneller und sicherer. Einstecken und anheben – so rasch lassen sich schwere Lasten mit den neuen Ganter-Kugeltragbolzen GN 11...

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    3D CAD MODELS - ABB Low Voltage & Systems - Low Voltage Products & Systems
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    3D CAD MODELS - NIPPON BEARING CO., LTD. - with the ball cage, Stainless, SEBS-BSM/BM/BYM - SEBS 5BM1-40
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    3D CAD MODELS - SFS Unimarket - DIN 3017-1 A - FN 1302 - rostfrei A2 - Schlauchschellen - Teil 1: Schellen mit Schneckentrieb; Form A - SFS FN 1302 360029 Schlauchschelle DIN 3017-1 rostfreier Stahl  rostfrei A2 A20-32x13
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    3D CAD MODELS - Maska - XT Bushing - XT Bushing - XTB15X5/8
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    3D CAD MODELS - SKF Linear Motion - LBBR - Linear Ball Bearings - with Raceway Plates
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    Clearpath Technology awarded by Times of India
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