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3.2.14.  Update ...

Via Update ... you can carry out the following operations

  • Index updates

  • Convert file formats

Update tool

Update tool

First check whether the data of Name, Description and Path is correctly displayed in the Catalog dialog area.

The dialog has the following setting options:

  • Index updates:

    • Update part selection

      An update is necessary in the following cases:

      • After setting a preview image

      • In case changes in the class structure are not immediately noticeable

    • Update full-text search index:

      After changes the full text search index has to be updated in principal.

    • Update geometrical search index.

      The update of the geometric index is necessary after moving a class (or a project), for example.

  • Convert file formats

    If due to any reasons different file formats of the same type (for Preview, 3D preview or Sketch) exist, you can unitize all file formats with this function. Already existing formats with different file format are converted. The format defined in the configuration file is used.

    In order to adjust file formats activate the checkbox.

    [Note] Note

    An import is processed according to the settings under $CADENAS_SETUP/classimport.cfg.

    A standard import without using this option deletes the assignment when two different format types clash.

    With the following options you can add some more specifications:

    • Path to start: optional

      Optionally you can define a start path using the browse button ....

    • Disable automated import of the converted files:

      This option is deactivated by default.

      If you want to perform a test run without import then activate this option in addition. The result of the test run is found in the "Temp" directory.[18].

    • Convert regardless of the extension:

      Regardless of an possibly already existing correct file format a converting to the target format (according to configuration file) is performed.

When all settings are made click on Ok.

With Cancel the dialog is closed without saving any changes.

[18] The path of the temporary directory is defined under $CADENAS_SETUP/classification_toolbar.cfg -> section [ClassificationToolbar] -> key TemporaryPath.