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3.2.3.  Remove class

With Remove class you can delete specific classes and subclasses from the directory structure.

Do the following:

  1. Select the class to be deleted.

  2. Now you have two options:

    • Click on toolbar, Remove class button.

    • Click on context menu of selected class, Remove class.

    -> The same-named dialog opens.

  3. Check the entries and confirm with Ok.

    Convert empty directory into a project: (checked by default)

    When all subclasses of a class are deleted then the directory automatically changes to a project.

    When you deactivate the checkbox then an empty directory remains.

[Note] Note

Whether the referenced data in the pool is deleted when a class is deleted depends on configuration.

You can find detailed information on this under Section 3.2.15, “Special hints for adding and deleting classes”.