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3.2.2.  Add class

Add class allows you to add further classes or subclasses into the already existing structure.

[Note] Note

General principals when adding a class:

  • When maintaining several native catalogs, then please take care that class names are unique encompassing all catalogs.

  • Classes with the same name cannot exist in the same directory.

  • When applying a class only lower case letters, numbers and underscores '_' are allowed.

  • A class without subclasses is displayed as a project.

  • A class with subclasses is displayed as a folder.

In order to add classes, do the following:

  1. Mark the class under which you would like to add another class.

  2. Now you have two options:

    • Click on the Add class button in the toolbar.

    • Click on Add class in the context menu of the selected class.

    -> The same-named dialog opens.

    Add class

    Add class

    The fields Name, Description and Path are automatically filled. The data are read from the calling class. When you change the class in the index tree and call up the command again, then the data is updated.

  3. Under New class, Name enter the untranslated default name.

  4. Under Description enter the language specific name. If an entry exists here, then it is used, otherwise the entry under Name.

    [Note] Note

    The number of displayed description languages depends on the setting in the configuration file classimport.cfg.


  5. Confirm with Ok.

[Note] Note

When you add a subclass to a class which already contains parts (datasets) then these are not visible anymore or even deleted. The concrete behaviour depends on the configuration.

You can find detailed information hereto under Section 3.2.15, “Special hints for adding and deleting classes”.