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Manual  Tabular Compare

The Tabular Compare shows information on ERP data, data of characteristic attribute table, topological information and classification data.

Dialog area "Tabular Compare"

Dialog area "Tabular Compare"

  • Geometrical similarity (if a Geometric search (3D) has been performed before)

  • ERP data (if available)

  • Parameter

  • Topology (all attributes relevant for the parts to compare are displayed)

    • General

    • Cylinder

    • Cone

    • Torus

    • Adjacent Planes

    • Opposite Planes

    • Hole

    • Elongated Cylinder

    • Rectangular hole

    • Circular pattern

    • Linear pattern

    • Slot pattern

    • Rectangular Slot Pattern

    [Note] Note

    The quality of topological information/features depends on different factors. On this see below.

  • Classification data (all installed classifications are displayed)

    • CNS

    • PCon

    • Standards

    • eClass

    • etc.

The pie charts mirror the percentage similarity of values.

0% bis 25% Red
25% bis 50% Orange
50% bis 75% Yellow
75% bis 99% Light green
100% Green

Topological parameters under "Search results"

Topological parameters under "Search results"

Colored markings of searched topological parameters

Topological parameters are color-marked so that you can see the most important ones at a glance.

Topological parameters in the "Part comparison"

Topological parameters in the "Part comparison"

  • Explicitly searched topological attributes are marked in color.

  • Those topological parameters which can be marked in the 3D view (Circular pattern, Inner cylinders, Outer cylinders), have a checkbox in the listing under Tabular Compare.

    If you activate a checkbox then the respective parameter is color-marked both in the Tabular Compare and in the 3D comparison. Different parameters get different colors (regardless of whether they have been automatically or manually marked)


In the column header you can find the following icons:

Select project line (see identic context menu command) -> The table is opened.

Use this function in order to match the size of parts to be compared.

Select as master : The respective column is displayed with green background color.

The first part loaded into the part comparison automatically becomes Master. With a click on the icon, you can determine any part as Master.

The Master shows dark green (100%) at all variables. The pie charts of all other parts refer to the master.

Load as first project (in the 3D, 2D comparison)

Load as second project (in the 3D, 2D comparison)

Open selected line in PARTdataManager

First open the table via Select project line and there select the desired row.

Export to CAD:

If desired, at first specify the desired row by clicking on Select project line.

Geometric similarity

At parts, which are found via Geometric search (3D) and are transferred into the Part comparison, there, in the Tabular Compare section the geometric similarity is overtaken and displayed as well.[69]

Context menu

Open: Right-click anywhere in the desired column.

Tabular Compare - Context menu commands

Tabular Compare - Context menu commands

In the context menu the following commands are available:

  • Select as master [compare icon above ]

    The corresponding column is displayed with a green background color.

  • Geometrical comparison to this part:

    Initial situation: Displayed percentages of geometrical similarity can be calculated by processes executed before or they haven't been calculated yet.

    Regardless of this you can start a new calculation for each part in the part comparison separately.

    Hereto call the context menu command Geometrical comparison to this part on the desired part. The search part (100%) is marked as such.

    Geometrical comparison to this part

    Geometrical comparison to this part

  • Load as first project (in the 3D, 2D comparison) [compare icon above ]

  • Load as second project (in the 3D, 2D comparison) [compare icon above ]

  • Select project line [compare icon above ]

    Switches to the row view (see following figure)

    By clicking on Back, the display changes to the export state.

    For a logical 3D comparison, change the properties so that the compared parts possess about the same dimension.

  • Remove project

    Removes the selected project from the "Tabular Compare" section.

  • Unselect all topological features

    (Markings are set according to the used search parameters.)

    Colored markings in Tabular Compare (see Fig. „ Tabular Compare - Context menu commands“) and labels in 3D view are removed.

  • Open 3D file...

    Load any native file (specific CAD file or neutral format) in the Compare dialog.

    [Note] Note

    Precondition: The CAD system has to be started.

    The same function is also available via button Open 3D file... . A description can be found below.

  • Remove all projects

    Removes all projects from the "Tabular Compare" section.

  • Copy (only displayed over table cells)

    Open the context menu via the desired table row and select the Copy command.

    Now you can insert the cell content in a text editor.

  • Print

    The complete table is printed.

  • Pin description column | Pin preview header

    In order to keep in view the important during vertical and horizontal scrolling, it possibly makes sense to fix the column "Description" [horizontal scrolling] or the preview line [vertical scrolling].

    In the Tabular Compare section call the context menu and activate the desired option.

  • Open 3D file... :

    1. Click on the menu item Open 3D file... .

      -> The dialog box Load native cad file is opened.

      [Note] Note

      Alternatively you can directly draw the file from an Explorer window into the Part comparison via drag & drop.

    2. Browse to the desired file.

      A variety of formats can be opened: [70]

      Selection of formats:

      • IGS (*.igs)

      • STL (*.stl)

      • Inventor 2010 (*.ipt, *.iam)

      • NAT (*.nat)

      • PS3-V2 3D (*.ps3)

      • PartJava 3D (*.zjv)

      • Pro/Engineer Wildfire Version 3 32 Assembly (*.asm)

      • Pro/Engineer Wildfire Version 3 32 Part (*.prt)

      • Pro/Engineer Wildfire Version 3 32 UDF (*.gph)

      • SAT ascii 3D (*.sat)

      • STEP (*.step, *.stp)

        [Note] Note

        In STEP format topology information/features is loaded in best quality (if the license "PSADDONS*ADVANCEDTOPO" is available).

        Sphere, Torus and Elongated Cylinder are available in addition. All other features are read in with much higher quality.

        Also see Section, “Quality of topology information/features”.

        When using the STEP format the dialog box Import-Optionen für Format STEP file input is opened.

        Simply confirm with OK.

        -> The dialog box Load native cad file is opened with the following message:

        "The CAD file was added to part compare. Load the part as the first or the second project to load it in the 2D/3D view."

        Confirm with OK.

      • SolidDesigner PKG File (*.pkg)

      • SolidDesigner PKG/STL File (*.stl)

      • Solidworks 2010 (*.sldprt, *.sldasm)

      • U3D (*.u3d)

      • *.zjv

      [Note] Note

      Make sure that when selecting CAD formats, the CAD application has been started.

    3. If there is an ambiguity for a file extension, an additional dialog box appears.

      Ambiguities are possible for a file extension such as .prt for example, which is used by Creo Elements and NX as well, furthermore for several versions of a CAD system.

      In the list field select the desired system and the desired version.

    4. Then the dialog box Selection of unit is opened.

      In the list field, select the correct unit: mm, cm, dm , m, INCH, FEET, INCH/10, INCH/100

      Confirm with OK.

      -> The file is loaded into the dialog area Tabular Compare.

  • Load geometry from CAD :

    When clicking on Load geometry from CAD , the part or assembly selected in CAD is loaded in dialog for searching.

  • Print :

  • Remove all projects :

[69] You can configure, whether the geometric similarity shall be displayed. See Section, “ Key "DisplayGeoDistances" - Tabular Compare - Display geometric similarity ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.

[70] The number of displayed formats depends on the installed CAD systems.