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Manual Quality of topology information/features

If your own part catalogs have been read in with STEP import (e.g. Quick and Simple) and available license PSADDONS*ADVANCEDTOPO the quality of topology information/features is very good. The same applies for parts loaded via Load file using the STEP format.

If the additional license "PSADDONS*ADVANCEDTOPO" is available during the import advanced features/topology information such as Sphere, Torus and Elongated Cylinder. are read in. All other features such as Hole, Cylinder, Cone, Opposite Planes, Pattern, Fillet, etc. are read in with much higher quality. Without license PSADDONS*ADVANCEDTOPO topology standard features are available.

Inside applications, you can view the Active licenses when clicking F9 or in Help menu the menu item Licenses. In the dialog box, open the subitem Features.

For CADENAS supplier catalogs modelled as standard (not Quick & Simple) the quality of topology information/features is very good in any case.

Following exemplary figure shows the difference: The left part does not contain advanced topology features, the right does.

Example: Sphere feature

Example: Sphere feature

Since topology information/features are also used as basic search criteria, subsequently search results at Partial search / Geometric search (3D) will be better and more exact.

General topology features are basically available.

General topology features

General topology features