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You can export the part displayed in the part view in several image formats.

The export dialog boxes of BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF format are nearly identic, the differences are marked.

Attributes tabbed page

Tabbed page "Attributes" (exemplified with PNG format)

Tabbed page "Attributes" (exemplified with PNG format)

  • Selection:

    You can export all listed views or only the specially activated ones. Select a mode:

    • All Views

      • Window

        • Window (3D-View)

        • Window (Technical view (2D))

      • Active document

      • 2D derivation (...)

        Different derivations such as "3 views + isometric drawing in frame (DIN)" or "Right" for example.

      • Technical view

        Different technical views such as "Front view" for example

  • Size:

    • Picture size

      For the specification of Picture size there are the following options:

      • Fixed sizes (e.g. 100x100). The specification is made in pixel.

      • STANDARD: The currently set size from the Model Viewer is used.

      • Free defined: Define the image measurements in the input fields Width in pixels and Height in pixels.

    • Width / Height (The fields are activated, if under Picture size the option Free defined is selected..)

    • DPI: Resolution when printing (only with BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF)

  • Picture options

    • Transparent background

    • 3D Options:

      • Current view

      • -PARTsolutions 8.1-

      • -PARTsolutions 9.0-

      • Purist

      • etc.

    • 2D derivation view:

      • Line view:

        Line view

        Line view

      • Lines + shaded view:

        Lines + shaded view

        Lines + shaded view

        Combination of line view and shaded view

      • Shaded View:

        Shaded view

        Shaded view

      Detailed information on this is found under Section, “ Render mode ”.

    • 2D shortened view:

      Precondition for the use is that the respective option is provided by the manufacturer.

      Advantageously for overlong parts. The shortened part will also display the real dimensionings.

      Result after export with option "2D shortened view" disabled

      Result after export with option "2D shortened view" disabled

      Result after export with option "2D shortened view" enabled

      Result after export with option "2D shortened view" enabled

  • Destination file:

    Via Browse ... define the destination file.

    Optionally activate the Open directory after export(once) checkbox.

Tiff options tabbed page (only at TIFF)

  • Color format: RGB or CYMK

  • Compression: Not compressed and various compression variants