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Manual  Render mode

In the list field under Render mode the display under the derivation may be changed:

Choose one of the following options in the list field:

  • Line view:

    Line view

    Line view

  • Lines + shaded view:

    Lines + shaded view

    Lines + shaded view

    Combination of line display and shaded display

    Advantage: Optically more attractive than line display

  • Shaded View:

    Shaded view

    Shaded view

    Here a gridded image is displayed, into a 2-D derivation. The derivation is only created if an export to the CAD system follows.


    • Optically more attractive than line display

    • Very rapid display, also with complex parts

    [Note] Note

    This render mode is also used for creating 3-D datasheets [93] See under Section, “Export PDF datasheet ”. The speed factor comes into play here.

[93] For PARTcommunity as well