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Manual Animated GIF

On the Animated GIF options tabbed page, you can find the following settings options:

Picture settings:

  • Width in pixel, Height in pixel

    Enter the desired hight and width in the input fields.

  • Raster:

    • No Ditherring

    • Ordered Dither

      Special algorithm that is used to create the illusion of color depth for a restricted color palette.

    • Error diffusion

      Also a special algorithm which is used to create the illusion of color depth for a restricted color palette.

    • Transparency:

      In order to get a transparent background activate the option.

      Not transparent

      Not transparent



Animation settings:

  • View

    Select the desired view from the list field:

    • Front

    • Back

    • Right

    • Left

    • Top

    • Bottom

    • Isometric

  • Animation frame

    Frames pro Rotation

    [Note] Note

    Please note the interdependency with the settings under Rotation settings.


    If you set the rotation increment to 1°, you need 360 frames per rotation, so that a full rotation can be done.

    The more frames, the larger the file.

  • Delay between frames in 1/100 seconds (1-255)

    The rotation speed comes from this setting and the Animation frame setting.

  • 3D template:

    You can adjust the color style to the layout of PARTsolutions versions, CAD systems and other style templates:

    8.1, 9.0, Purist, Metal, Wood, Catia V5, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, NX, One Space Designer, Pro/Engineer, Inventor

Rotation settings

Optionally you can define the rotational increment in degrees for the individual axes.

Tabbed page Export Options

On the Export options tabbed page you can adjust the Export accuracy.

Select the desired accuracy in the list field:

  • Current selection

  • Medium

  • High

  • Very high

  • Extremely high

  • Ultra high

The part is calculated with the set level of detail before the export.

The function is identic to the level of detail option in PARTdataManager, but here only temporarily for the export.